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Jonny Drubel Net Worth

What Is Jonny Drubel Net Worth?

Jonny Drubel is an American socialite, singer-songwriter, and reality television personality with a net worth of $800 thousand. Hewas born in Hanover, New Hampshire and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his vocation in music. He started studying and performing music when he was a kid, and was intending to attend a conservatory program after high school, but insteadfinished high school early and moved to Los Angeles, after beinginvited to study with celebrated vocal coach, Seth Riggs. Riggs proposed that Drubel should begin composing more music, and soon other artists started asking Drubel to compose tunes for them, ultimately causing a number of writing projects with publishing houses, producers, and musicians, finally landing Drubel a publishing deal. Seth later signed a publishing deal, and songs he’s written have been performed on MTV, CBS, and VH1. His songs are known for a ancient sound infused with pop touches. Besides his success in the music business, he is likewise one of the issues of the recent reality series, “Affluent Kids of Beverly Hills” on E!. The program follows a group of twentysomethings who were born into wealth, as MTV live, work, and play in Beverly Hills.

Jonny Drubel is an American singer songwriter, socialite and reality show persona which has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. Upon graduating from high school, Drubel pursued a career in music and moved to La. He was encouraged to study with vocal coach, Seth Riggs. He was known for his advocacy for LBGT community. He wrote several tunes and has been featured on MTV, CBS and VH1.Along with his buddies, Drubel appeared on E!’s Rich Kids on Beverly Hills. Jonny Drubel was born in 1988 at Hanover, New Hampshire.

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