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Keith Moon Net Worth

How rich is Keith Moon?

Keith Moon Net Worth:
$70 Million

Birth date: August 23, 1946, Wembley, London, United Kingdom
Death date: September 7, 1978, Westminster, United Kingdom
Birth place: Wembley
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Drummer, Musician, Record producer, Composer, Actor, Songwriter, Model
Nationality: United Kingdom
Spouse: Kim McLagan (m. 1966–1975)
Children: Amanda Jane Moon DeWolf
Music groups: The Who (1964 – 1978), The Plastic Ono Band (1969)
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Keith Moon wiki & biography:

Keith Moon net worth: Keith Moon was an English musician who had a net worth of $70 million dollars. Keith John Moon was created in Wembley, London, England in August 1946 and passed away in September 1978. He was best known for being the drummer for the group The Who. While Moon was with the band they created eight studio albums. The Who has sold over 100 million records. Keith Moon was voted by Rolling Stone readers as the second-finest drummer ever. Keith began playing for the local group the Beachcombers before joining The Who in 1964. Keith became known for ruining hotel rooms while on tour and smashing his drum kit on stage. Keith was likewise fond of flushing explosives down toilets. During a party of his 21st birthday things got out of hand and finished with authorities arriving with guns drawn. During the 70s his chauffer was accidentally killed and his union broke down. He became addicted to alcohol and was even nicknamed “Moon the Loon”. In 1975 his only solo album Two Sides of the Moon was released. He regularly passed out on stage while touring and ended up being hospitalized. He began taking Heminevrin to help along with his alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
Keith Moon started his passion in music when he was youthful as he took drum lessons from contemporary drummersScreaming Lord Sutch’sCarlo Little.

In 1962, Keith joined the group, Beachcombers as they played hits by groups including the Shadows. Then, in 1964, Moon auditioned for the replacement of The who is Doug Sandom.

After Sandom left, The Who needed a session drummer in a show and he was picked to play with all the rest of the group. Moon’s coming to the group, The Who altered the dynamics among themselves.

Apart from being a drummer, Moon worked with other musical endeavors and artists such as Nicky Hopkins, and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, amongst others.

Moon focused on several solo works that he did after he moved into Los Angeles throughout the mid-70s. In 1966, Moon collaborated withYardbirdsguitaristJeff Beck, pianistNicky Hopkinsand Directed ZeppelinmembersJimmy PageandJohn Paul Joneson the instrumental “Beck’s Bolero”.

Keith John Moon was born on August 23, 1946 in Wembley, London, United Kingdom. He attendedHarrow Technical College wherein he took a job as radio repairman. On September 7, 1978, Keith died of drug overdose after he took32 clomethiazole pills.

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