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Kenneth Branagh Net Worth

How rich is Kenneth Branagh?

Kenneth Branagh Net Worth:
$55 Million

Birth date: December 10, 1960
Birth place: Belfast, United Kingdom
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)
Profession: Actor, Film director, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Television producer, Voice Actor
Nationality: United Kingdom
Spouse: Lindsay Brunnock (m. 2003), Emma Thompson (m. 1989–1995)
Awards: British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series
TV shows: Wallander, Conspiracy, Walking with Dinosaurs, more
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Kenneth Branagh wiki & biography:

Kenneth Branagh Net Worth 55 Million

Kenneth Branagh whose full name is Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh is a very multitalented style and a known face in the film industry. He has done many great works during his career in the film industry as a screenwriter, performer, producer and director and he’s still continuing his work and has left his trademark here. He has been starred in some of the well-known movies and television shows. For his great playing, direction and production works he’s received numerous awards and nominations.


Born in Northern Ireland in United Kingdom on 10th December in the year 1960, Kenneth Charles Branagh needed to be an actor since his youth days. He has done his education from distinct schools which are, Grove Primary School, Whiteknights Primary Scholl and then eventually from Meadway School. He joined the famous Royal Shakespeare Company when he was just twenty three years old. Kenneth did some great jobs during his stay at the “Royal Shakespeare Company” which he finally left as a way to start his own business which he named as “The Renaissance Theatre”.


As a director

Kenenth has directed some of the most remarkable movies people have viewed within their life. Kenenth is well-known for his William Shakespeare’s adaptations.

As an actor

Kenneth has worked as an actor in many movies for which he’s received name and acclaim. His movies include, “Celebrity”, “Chariots of Fire”, “Five Children and it”, “Gingerbread Man”, “Hamlet”, “Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets”, “Henry V”, “How to kill your Neighbour’s Dog”, “In Theory of Flight”, “My Week with Marilyn”, “Othello” “Stars in shorts”, “Rabbit proof Fence”, “Swing Kids”, “Road to El Dorado”, “The Boat that Roared” and many more.

As a Narrator

Kenneth work as a narrator is very appreciable. He has narrated “American Express”, “Cold War Series”, “The Ballad of Big Al”, “Walking with Monsters” and “Walking with the animals”.

As a writer

The Writer has composed the following scripts: “Hamlet”, “Henry V”, “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, Much Ado about Nothing”, and “As you Like it”

Aside from all these Kenneth has done famous and essential work on Television display also. His work in “Warm Springs” in which he impersonated the role of United States President “Franklin D. Roosevelt is appreciated till date. He has done an English Language TV series titled “Wallander”.


His successful career in the movies, television shows made him bring in a enormous amount of his riches. His narrations and performances on the stage also earned him a vast amount of riches. His richness is well evident fromt he lavish and luxurious lifestyle, Kenneth likes to appreciate. His owes his enormous wealth to property holdings, investments in stocks, well- paid endorsement deal with the CoverGirl Cosmetics. He has his own fashion line,” Kenneth Branagh Seduction”. He holds the ownership of many restaurants such as the Fat Branagh Burger chain stretched in Belfast. Kenneth also possesses “the Belfast Angles”, a famed Football Team. Aside from all this he also has his own vodka brand called “Pure Wonderbrabagh- Northern Ireland”. To add to his richness he has additionally launched his own cologne brand known as “With Love from Kenneth”.


Kenneth Barnagh married Emma Thompson, a well- known actress on 20th August in the year 1989. The couple divorced in the year 1995. Kenneth and Emma have done many movies and other projects together like Fortunes of War. After becoming divorced with Emma, Kenneth was in a well- talked about relationship with actress, Helena Bonham Carter. In the year 2003, Kenneth married Lindsay Brunnock, an art director. Kenneth and Lindsay met each other during their shooting of “Shackleton”.


The Actor also works for Muscle Help Foundation, which works for individuals suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. The Actor recently endorsed the Muscle Dreams in order to encourage people who suffer with the ailment. He is additionally a member of Variety Club- an organization working in UK to support the sick and disabled people.


Kenneth has given many appreciable performances in the movie either through his playing or through his work as a director. For KennethCharles work he continues to be nominated for many awards and he managed to get many of them in his name. He’s won the Best Actor Award in the year 2008 for Wallander by Broadcastong Press Guild. Henry won the Capri Award for Best Ensemble Cast for his movie My Week with Marilyn in the year 2011. Henry received three European Film Awards in the year 1990 for Henry V.

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