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Lil B Net Worth

How rich is Lil B?

Lil B Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Birth date: August 17, 1989
Birth place: Berkeley, California, United States
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Author, Rapper
Education: Albany High School, Berkeley High School
Nationality: United States of America
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Lil Bibby Net Worth: Lil Bibby is an American hip hop recording artist that has a net worth of $500 thousand. His first mixtape Free Crack was launched in November 2013. He’s stated that the album titled had links to the Kanye West track “Crack Music” and additionally named Jadakiss and Drake as sways. Music videos from the mixtape for the songs “How We Move”, “Change”, Water”, and “Tired of Talkin” have now been released. Lil Bibby was identified as a rapper to look at in 2014 in Vibe magazine. He also appeared in the 2014 XXL Freshman class list. Bibby has appeared on tunes by N-Tune, Gianni Blu featuring King L and EMP Dasme, Juicy J featuring Nicki Minaj and Young Thug. Bibby’s debut studio album The Book is scheduled to be released sometime in 2014. His second mixtape Free Crack II can also be scheduled to be released in a date to be declared.
American rapper,Brandon ‘Lil B’ McCartney comes with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

After the group released its 2007 record, Based Boys, Lil B began to investigate other chances by first partnering with fellow Pack member Young L for SS Mixtape, Vol. 1. New solo songs would regularly get posted to his MySpace site and then, in late 2008, he started to toy with the excessiveness of the Internet, storming the Web in a full-on blitzkrieg.

Apart from his engagement with all the Pack, Lil B garnered popularity through the use of social media Web sites. He created over 155 MySpace pages in order to upload all his music. He recorded over 1,500 tracks as of July 2010, including hits “Wonton Soup,” “Pretty Bitch,” and “I’m God.

When Lil B titled his hottest album I am Gay he received several death threats. Although he’s heterosexual, he says the name is a message of support to the LGBT community.
Certainly one of the best questions in the rapping business has been what the approximation of Lil Boosie net worth is. Lil Boosie whose real name is Torrence Hatch was born in Louisiana and largely sings and produces rapping style music. His debut album was released in 2002 which was entitled “For Mu Thugz” which brought cash to the total sum of Lil Boosie net worth. All in all, the singer has released 4 albums.

Besides that, Lil Boosie also created his own record label that has been called “Bad Azz Entertainment”. The rapper releases his album under his own record label company. The rapper created his record label company right following the launch of his third album. The third album of Lil Boosie was a significant hit and it brought lots of revenues from its sales to the overall sum of Lil Boosie net worth. Nevertheless, his career isn’t the sole thing about which particular people speak. Currently he’s remaining in jail on account of the murder charge. Moreover, he released his fourth record directly from jail.

The record was called “Incarcerated” and the tunes in it largely have themes regarding the way of life in jail. The rapper got his nick name Lil Boosie when his family started to call him like that when the rapper was growing up in Baton Rouge. Also, he could be believed to have involved into other crime for which he’s staying now at Louisiana State Penitentiary. The rapper was thought to be charged for the usage and selling the drugs. He’s said to be staying in the jail for eight years.

So, taking into consideration this fact, Lil Boosie net worth is believed to be reduced a bit. Among the principal reasons why he got involved into a lot of offenses is because he grew up without dad, who never was there to teach him things also to distinguish between what’s wrong and what is correct. Lil Boosie was involved into basketball while he was still attending high school. Nevertheless, he was forced to leave it because of the usage of drugs. Consequently, Lil Boosie decided to become a rapper, that was fairly successful until he began being infamous for various offenses and offences.
Torrence Hatch (born November 14, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Boosie, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He served time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary from 2009-2014, being sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to drug charges. He was released early on March 5, 2014.

In 2010 Lil Boosie & C-Loc his former CEO release Unbreakable as a Compilation CD. As of 2010, Lil Boosie has declared while he’s still in prison on charges of murder and conspiracy, and possibly facing the death penalty, he wants to move forward with his hip hop career. According to MTV News, the project is almost entirely made by B.J., although Mouse on Tha Track did some work on it as well. Lil Boosie released Gone Til’ December in 2010, which can be a mixtape record composed of new music. Bad Azz Amusement released Should’ve Been My Beatz. Lil Boosie released 22504 with B.G.. In 2011 Fast release Hit After Hit 3 with Lil Boosie. In 2012 My Brother’s Keeeper was released with Cash Bagz & Fast. Also Under Investigation was launched as a free download with Ray Vicks. In January 2013 Lil Boosie spoke on his prison sentence and said, “I ‘ve about 500 tunes at this time. I think that I’m making the best music I Have ever made. The more I go through in life the better my music gets and it is been crazy the last three years. I keep my music heartfelt and stick to making real music. I’d not even say it is Hip Hop music. My music is ‘reality rap.’ The equipment contains a great deal of music he had recorded before going to jail, which may lead to new music from him prior to his release. Jeff Weiss, who covered Boosie’s trial for Rolling Stone, additionally reported that Boosie’s lawyers believe that he is going to be released within the following five months. On March 10, 2014, Lil Boosie will make his first opinions to the people following his release from prison. During the press conference he will reveal his new record deal with Atlantic Records. In April 2014, he announced that his sixth studio album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell could be released on July 15, 2014, but was later pushed back to September 23, 2014. $650 Thousand!
Brandon McCartney, better known as rapper Lil B, is one of the very polarizing figures in the current world of hip hop music. He got his start as a member of the Bay area rap group The Pack as a teen. After releasing several mixtapes that garnered them a sizeable underground following, The Pack released the video for their hit song “Vans,” through the web site Myspace. The success of the video online got the attention of legendary rapper Too $hort, who signed the group to Up All Night Records. While his popularity has skyrocketed since leaving the group, Lil B earned the majority of his money while with The Pack.

Lil B is one of the very bizarre rappers in the music business nowadays. He received a cult following on Myspace by always releasing free music that was quite free-spirited and spur of the moment. Known to his fans as “Based God,” Lil B preaches positivity and is known for talking about issues that most rappers is not going to talk about. He even received death threats after naming among his mixtapes “I am Gay.” Even though he releases most of his music for free through the Internet, Lil B did sign a contract with digital music firm Amalgam Digital. He released an album called “Angels Exodus” with them in 2010.

Lil B’s net worth is estimated at about $650,000. Even though he’s got an extremely large following on the Internet, he will not make a lot of money because he purposely releases a majority of his music without charging for this. He is one of the very productive artists in hip hop and has released well over 2,000 tunes since 2008.

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