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Quentin Tarantino Net Worth

How rich is Quentin Tarantino?

Quentin Tarantino Net Worth:
$100 Million

Birth date: March 27, 1963
Birth place: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Screenwriter, Film director, Actor, Film Producer, Writer, Television Director, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Awards: Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Quentin Tarantino wiki & biography:

Among the best known names in the film business is Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino is regarded to be one of the top screenwriters, film directors and cinematographers in the industry. Quentin Tarantino is also an actor which adds additional earnings to the total amount of Quentin Tarantino net worth.

Quentin Tarantino has received plenty of awards for his work in the cinema company such as Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Bafta Awards. He also received nominations to get Grammy and Emmy awards.

When he was still a kid, Quentin Tarantino felt a passion for filming. Additionally, the narrative line of the movie is the base of another movie called “True Romance”.

All pictures added countless dollars to the overall sum of Quentin Tarantino net worth. The primary attributes of his movies are his propensity to feature various elements in them such as kung fu, grindhouse and spaghetti western pictures. One of the filmmakers with whom Quentin Tarantino normally works is Robert Rodriguez.

Quentin Tarantino was born in Tennessee to his mom who was a nurse and his dad who was involved into film sector too. He grew up only in the attention of his mother because his parents broke up before Quentin Tarantino was born.

When he attended high school, Quentin Tarantino excelled in drama courses. However, when he was 15 years old, he ceased school and chose to focus on film, consequently he registered into James Best Theater Company. Nonetheless, after few years he quitted attending it also because he got bored. Nonetheless, he still remained in touch with his friends from school.

Quentin Tarantino got employed into a video rental store where he and his working co-workers discussed issues associated with film. Additionally, he used to pay attention to the pictures which individuals rent the most and which helped him in his later job as a screenwriter which now adds countless dollars to the overall sum of Quentin Tarantino net worth.How much is Quentin Tarantino’sNet Worth? $90 Million!

His mother is thought to possess named him after Burt Reynolds character Quint Asper from “Gunsmoke.” Tarantino dropped out of high school at 15 to attend acting class full-time at James Best Theater Company. With an IQ of 160 he finally got bored of acting school and left landing work in a Video Archives in Manhattan Beach — a chain of video rental stores. At Video Archives he met Roger Avary whom Tarantino would co-writePulp Fictionwith and also share an Academy Award with for Best Screenplay. Avary and Tarantino would discuss movies at length on the job and Tarantino paid close attention to the kinds of movies patrons would gravitate towards at checkout. Tarantino accumulates TV show board games and is a huge fan of Abbot and Costello. He is said to strongly detest violence and drugs, which can be ironic given the content of several of his movies. He is great friends with writer/director Robert Rodriguez and also the pair are often described like brothers. He’s also pals with Fiona Apple, Eli Roth, Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Harvey Keitel.

Many do not understand but Tarantino has more performing credits that directing credits carefully picking the pictures he linked with as director. At one point Tarantino desired to be a novelist and still has plans to write concerning the movie industry when he’s done making films. A big fan of analog picture (compared to digital) Tarantino bought the agenda-to-be-shut-down New Beverly Cinema so regardless of it’s profitability it would continue to show 36mm movies. The movie got plenty of critical acclaim and instantly everyone was talking about Quentin Tarantino. 2 years later Tarantino proved himself together with the rage classicPulp Fiction.Tarantino debutedPulp Fiction at the Cannes Film Festival and won the prestigious Palme D’Or Award. The movie was nominated for best picture, best director, and best original screenplay. Tarantino is famous for using a lot of customs and brands in his film that give a wink and also a nod to cultures, references, or alternative film work. Tarantino famously despises product placements so much he uses his own made up fictional products in films.

Tarantino’s net worth is approximately $90 million. Along with his wealth he started a record company “A Band Apart Records” dispersed through Maverick Records owned by Madonna. The label mainly specializes in soundtracks. Tarantino himself is referred to as a DJ Director mixing and cutting old customs with music to make something new. Tarantino uses Chevrolet’s in a lot of his movies and recently thered 1965 Chevrolet used in Pulp Fiction that has been stolen 15 years ago was located and returned to the director. Tarantino is mainly seen in a late model yellow Ford Mustang using a lot of comical implicative bumper stickers on the rear. Living the dream!

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