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Remy Ma Net Worth

How rich is Remy Ma?

Remy Ma Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Birth date: May 30, 1980
Birth place: Castle Hill, New York City, New York, United States
Height:1.78 m
Profession: Songwriter, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Papoose (m. 2008)
Children: Jayson
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Remy Ma wiki & biography:

Remy Ma is the sizzling dusky dynamite in the Hollywood known as the amazing rapper. Remy was born with the name Remy Martin that she further changed to Remy Ma for stage performance. She is the one that was initially the former linked with all the Big Pun’s rapper band called as Terror Squad.

Date Of Birth: May 30, 1980
Remy MaHeight: 5.10 feet / 1.80 m
Weight: Not known

Source of Income

Remy as per the current evidence is known to possess the net worth of about $500 thousand. She was born in the fortress hill with all the birth name Reminisce Smith. At a younger age, she want a professional life as she needed to take a watch over his little sis and bro who have been betrayed of the effects associated with the drug addiction and misuse that her family had to face. With this she started concentrating on the writing poetry and shortly decided to select the rapper livelihood. In which, she succeed and made her way to get counted amongst the very best female rapper , and it has made it when her name was added in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for her single “lean back”.
Remy Ma’s House

The home of Remy Ma is offered together with the elegant and inviting feel that makes it appear different from others. In the house he’s even taken caution that from the time kids begin to run they should have sufficient spot to play and revel in their youth days with no sort of hassle. The house is assembled in the castle hill location where she was groomed upward and got addicted to drugs. Regarding accommodation the house has innovated in a broader space of 5,342 square feet which has been sharing the carpet space in the 4 gigantic bedrooms followed with connected washroom in 3 and one half baths in the other corn of the house to provide it a posh look. Whereas the keeping in the mind about other than family member the second floor of the home has been held with guest rooms to welcome guest at any conditions. The house has been benefited with everything that might make is a worthier place to reside in and appreciate every second of life.
Ecofriendly Auto

She likes to drive in the lavish machine that in fact makes the star gaze at her while her entry in the premier shows red carpet welcome. This assortment of autos continues to be made keeping in mind that it is good combination of beauty, high performance combined with the eco friendly nature. As she’s the rash drive so she even keeps one eagle eye in the safety measures that makes the cars the more attractive for her. She actually wants the attributes like air bags, push button and a lot more safety opinion on the way to achieve success.
Remy Ma has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand

Remy Ma is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. She’s 5’10 and weighs 146 pounds. Reminisce Smith was born on May 30, 1981 in Castle Hill, Bronx, ny. Growing up in the projects, Smith saw the devastation that drug abuse can have on a household. From a young age she was forced to care for her younger siblings. The family would write poetry as an escape from her troubles at home. Her poetry evolved into raps in which Smith would perform during lunchtime at school. Smith started to acquire notoriety around the Bronx for the family’s special skills on the mic. She eventually captured the attention of the late rapper Big Pun.

When Big Pun met Smith he requested her to freestyle for him. She impressed him so much that he decided to become her mentor and he even featured her on some songs on his record. He signed her to his imprint label under SRC and Universal.

In 2006 Smith released her debut record there is Something About Remy: Based on a True Story. The record included popular tunes like “Whuteva” and “Conceited”. The record was a commercial failure. As a result of Universal’s inferior promotion, the album only sold 158,000 copies in its first year. However it proved to be a critical success; XXL MAgazine, Rolling Stone, and Vibe Magazine all gave Remy Ma excellent reviews for her debut record.

Frustrated with her label situation, Remy Ma stopped her relationship with Fat Joe’s Terror Squad and Universal. She is presently serving an 8-year bid at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women for shooting a woman in the abdomen for a missing amount of $3,000.

Remy Ma’sNet Worth Could Buy:

359.9 Gucci 3515/S Sunglasses ($1,389.30 each)
146.3 Phillips 42in HD Plasma TV ($3,418.46 each)
Remy Mahas enough net worth to give every man in Cape Verde $1.

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