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Ronaldinho Net Worth

How rich is Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho Net Worth:
$70 Million

Birth date: March 21, 1980
Birth place: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.81 m)
Weight:176 lbs (80 kg)
Profession: Football player
Nationality: Brazil
Children: João de Assis Moreira
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Ronaldinho Net Worth $70 Million

It has been claimed that the entire quantity of Ronaldinho net worth reaches an estimate of 70 million dollars. Ronaldinho whose complete name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira is referred to as a football player from Brazil. Moreover, he’s regarded as one of the most successful and wealthiest football players in the world.

Now, he is referred to as a player of the Atletico Mineiro team that is one of the key sources of Ronaldinho net worth. Moreover, he is referred to as a former player in the teams called Paris Saint-Germain, Milan and FC Barcelona. Ronaldinho is best known due to his several skills in the football field including free kick and unique dribbling. Moreover, Ronaldinho is referred to as a victor of the Ballon d’Or which occurred in 2005.

By a lot of football and sports critics, Ronaldinho is deemed the Best Soccer Player on a global level. He is playing as a midfielder. Ronaldinho comes with an ability to score goals in groups which is one of his most exceptional skills.

In 1997, he was chosen to be a member in the 1st team of Brazil. What’s much more important is that at that time he was only 17 years old. In addition, Ronaldinho was considered as the best hope of Brazil when he entered the team. Moreover, he got even more success when in the match against Venezuela during the Copa America, he scored the winning goal. The goal is considered to be as the finest scored goal in the history of Brazilian football. Thus, football adds success and vast amounts to the total amount of Ronaldinho net worth.

In 2002, he got even more popularity when Brazil was competing to win 5th World Cup and really using the help from Ronaldinho won it. With him being a member in the team, Barcelona won Champions League in 2006 and it was the very first big win with the Spanish team for Ronaldinho. In 2007, the World even got Spanish citizenship.

In 2004, Ronaldinho was granted together with the title FIFA World Player of the Year. In the subsequent year, he got the title once more. By a lot of folks and his tremendous fan base, Ronaldinho is considered to be as the most successful and gifted football player.

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