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Sara Blakely Net Worth

How rich is Sara Blakely?

Sara Blakely Net Worth:
$1 Billion

Birth date: February 27, 1971
Birth place: Clearwater, Florida, United States
Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Education: Florida State University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jesse Itzler (m. 2008)
Children: Lazer Blakely Itzler
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Sara Blakely wiki & biography:

Sara Blakely Net Worth $1 Billion

Sara Blakely is regarded among the most affluent individuals on earth. It’s been declared the total size of Sara Blakely net worth today is 1 billion dollars. She’s amassed this type of high net worth through her vocation as a businesswoman. Sara Blakely is mainly called an owner of Spanx, which can be a firm of undergarment, which can be even assessed to reach a multimillionaire dollar value. The firm is also called the source that’s brought most of monetary success to the entire sum of Sara Blakely net worth.

In 2012, Sara Blakely’s name was a part of the list of the most influential people on the planet, that has been compiled by Time magazine. Besides that, Sara Blakely’s name was additionally a part of the list of the most affluent individuals on earth, that has been made by Forbes. Sara Blakely is also honored as a result of the fact that she’s the youngest female billionaire, who has become as such through her own attempts. Initially, Sara Blakely needed to get involved into law and become a lawyer.

But because her performance when she needed to enrol into a law school had not been so great, Sara Blakely had to take another occupation and also this time it was working at Walt Disney World in Florida. At once, on some occasions, Sara Blakely was also working as a stand-up comedian.

Afterwards, when she stopped working for Disney World, Sara Blakely got a job place at a firm which supplies office content, called “Danka”. There, her responsibilities included selling fax machines. Some time afterwards, she got involved into business all by herself and founded the before mentioned firm Spanx. Spanx has brought her tremendous success, recognition along with raised the overall estimation of Sara Blakely net worth by a mile. In 2005, Sara Blakely appeared on the TV show called “The Rebel Billionaire”, which raised her popularity in America. In this show, Sara Blakely ended up with getting an additional place.

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