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Traci Lords Net Worth

Traci Lords is an American film actress, producer, film director, writer and vocalist with a net worth of $7 million dollars. An actress, director, producer, vocalist, and writer who started her career in the porn business, Traci Lords has since become an effective television and B movie actress.

Taking the porn business by storm as a sixteen-year old girl, she acquired notoriety for her underage appearances in pornographic videos that were as many as one hundred flicks. From the time she turned 18, authorities discovered she was underage and used her case to clobber the porn business. As a minor, she couldn’t be charged and was rather viewed as a a victim of the business who was drugged and got to do things against her wishes. Although she maintained she is attempting to flee from her porn past, she kept her stage name which was so associated to her ‘damaging’ marketing. Eventually, Lords became one of the few porn stars to legitimately go mainstream. She starred in several TV series, some low budget movies, including Frostbite, Blade and Princess of Mars. Not being happy to stick with big screen attributes, Lords broke off into other avenues like music, television and maybe even video games. All in an attempt to ensure Lords’ bitter past will undoubtedly be forgotten and she would be linked with something more decent.
Traci Lords was born May 7, 1968 in Ohio. She’s an actor, director, vocalist and nude glamour model that has an estimated net worth of $7 million. TraciLords entry into the entertainment industry started on a low note. Traci first started out in the porn industry in a youthful age. She achieved notoriety for her wild appearances in porn videos and magazines at only 16.

Growing up, Lords went through a lot. At the tender age of 12, she had to flee house to Lawndale, California because of her alcoholic dad who had been very violent. After leaving house, Lords’ woes did not end there. She was molested by her mum’s boyfriend. She afterwards continued with her studies and attended Redondo Union High School, but she dropped out.

However, over several years she’s become quite successful, starring in movies and guest starring in television shows. Among some of the movies she has featured in comprise Frostbite, Blade, and Princess of Mars among many others. Despite her past, Traci Lords is now quite an icon within the industry, and many look up to her.

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