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Aamir Khan Net Worth

How rich is Aamir Khan?

Aamir Khan Net Worth:
$180 Million

Birth date: March 14, 1965
Birth place: Mumbai, India
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Television producer
Nationality: India
Spouse: Kiran Rao (m. 2005), Reena Dutta (m. 1986–2002)
Children: Azad Rao Khan, Ira Khan, Junaid Khan
Movies: , Priya
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Aamir Khan wiki & biography:

Aamir Khan Net Worth: 180 Million

The prevalence of the then ‘chocolate lad’ of film industry spread immediately after the launch of his uncle’s house production ‘Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak’, that was a mega hit. Later on he was addressed as Mr. Perfectionistof the business and Aamir Khan had chain of hits including ‘Gulam’, where he plays the carefree lad or ‘Raja Hindustani’ where he superbly portrayed the role of a nave hamlet taxi driver. It was the movie Lagan which was produced by him he shot Indian film to international perspective plus it missed Oscar nomination bya whisker. From this film he turned a producer also. When a discussion goes around about the great Indian actor Aamir Khan, everyone in the group just loves to talk about his Midas touch. The great Indian actor is the sole one together with the credit of performing terribly in different parts. His films take brilliant message but in the exact same time have the commercial stamina to be excellent box-office successes. His pictures don’t follow the as usual story-lines as the scripts are powerfully written down to be exceptional storytelling but the films don’t deviate in the genre of successful commercial films. Just as an actor, Aamir Khan will not find replacement in the business. His performances have consistently been more-than-typical, generating adulation for the great performer at all time.

INR 1,080 Crore or $ 180 million
Height: 5.6 feet or 1.68 m
Weight: 73 Kg or 161 pounds

Aamir Kahn not only acts but produces the films, whenever he gets excellent scripts in his hand. “Lagaan” is an example of his amazing choice of scripts as the film was nominated for Oscar. Playing, creation of films, reality shows, advertisements, product endorsements, and work for social welfare not only increase his popularity but also keep his incomes multiplying. Aamir Khan’s income come in the assorted talents he possesses that is acting, directing, producing, backing and TV series anchoring. The absolute net worth of Mr. Perfect i.e. Aamir Khan was estimated as 180 million dollars in 2014 year. Per film he bills 40 crores which contain directing or writing and it’s shown as salary. Per endorsement he bills 4 crores. He makes from entrepreneurship additionally. A trademark Vodka was found identified ‘With Love from Aamir’ to earmark the popularity of the star. Also with possesses his exclusive fashion line. For the revolutionary TV series SatyamevJayate he charged the maximum sum per episode that is a whopping 3 crore. He has additionally appeared on TV screen for social issues like child nourishment on behalf of internationally acclaimed organisation UNICEF.

Aamir Khan is wholly obsesses with his imagination in the makeover roles in the films. But he’s always been a fan of his imported cars and expensive bikes. His pictures simply present his skillful riding in the bikes. His fleet of automobiles has Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Nissan amongst them. Shahabad house- the place where the performer has thus far endured-tells his fire for quality architecture and interior decoration. The performer’s preoccupation with this place shows his excellent taste for tasteful living.
Besides this, the great Indian actor possesses properties at many places. He’s purchased the flat in Carter road where he was staying on rent it is stated that the deal was finalised at 60 Crore for this sea faced 5000 square feet flat. He’s bought a housing property in the cost of 7 crores in the Panchgani place which measure a huge 2 acres and he needed to pay a huge stamp duty of 42 lakhs for this purchase. Aamir Khan is very family oriented man .There were number of houses in hometown Shahabad in Uttar Pradesh which was possessed by his relatives and he’s purchased 22 houses to ensure the ownership don’t go to strangers.

Aamir recently bought a bomb proof auto for security reasons. In India Aamir is third person to own such auto after the Prime Minister and Mukesh Ambani. This car has cost him a large sum like 10 Crores. Aamir also possesses a Rolls Royal Ghost whose cost was 3 Crores. His recently acquired Mercedes Benz 600 is entirely bomb evidence that cost him Rs 10 crore. He takes Rs 40 Crore from every one of his film where he acts. His incomes are more than Rs 100 crores in per year.

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