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Actress Kandi Burruss Net Worth

Actress Kandi Burruss Net Worth: 16 Million

The world is not a harsh place particularly if you’re a “Actual Housewife of Atlanta” and by that I mean a celebrity on a wildly popular reality show of the same same. And even when the show does not just depict the fiscal capability and stability of a real housewife it garners lots of attention because of the lavish lifestyle it does show and among the most successful fiscal entrepreneurs in that show is the young talented Kandi Burruss. She’s a successful persona regarding an actress and contains a lot of women across America wondering how does she live the life she does.

Date Of Birth: May 17, 1976
Stature: 5.7 feet
Weight: 58 Kg or 127 lb
Measurement: 36-28-36
Spouse: Married with Todd Tucker in 2014

Kandi Company
She started collecting her wealth after her rise in the industry and is speculated to have a net worth of $35 million. Nearly all of her earnings were credited as an integral part of Xscape, an R&B Group she was part of in the early 90’s. Soaking from her musical background she started her own record label “Kandi Koated Entertainment”, which is her primary source of income now. Kandi Burruss is known as as one of the most affluent if not the richest In “Actual Housewife of Atlanta” show which attains her a high point ranking in the list of the rich and not so famous. Kandi was fortunate enough to even get her own show “the Kandi Factory” as a spin off to her first introduction show.

The actual housewife’s Real Income
Kandi Burruss has been part of the actual housewife show for about five years and is among the highest paid stars up to now, she continues to be paid an approx. of $400 thousand and an extra $100 K for the reunion shows. Kandi also gets part of her income from her line of adult toys branded as Bedroom Kandi. The star has been seeing some unbelievable days as she only married her companion and television producer Todd Tucker and relocated into an 8 thousand square foot house in the heart of Atlanta, the cost of which bound upward in to the Millions bracket.

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