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Allen Haff Net Worth

A Review of Allen Lee Haff

Allen Haff is a second generation antique dealer and collector, and reality television star who has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He’s got his net worth with over 20 years of expertise in the business enterprise. The show documents the careers of individuals in the auction industry. It also follows Haff and his company partner Ton Jones as they move around southern California as they place bids on storage units that have previously been left by their renters. The show is quite much like other reality TV shows such as Storage Wars where professional buyers place bids on storage units without knowing just what’s inside them. The bidding is based instead on a cursory assessment of the unit for only a few minutes in the outside looking in.

With Auction Hunters, each episode follows Haff and Jones as they go around analyzing storage units and going to auctions, place bids, win auctions, and appraise and sell the items that they have discovered and accumulated. Although business is somewhat profitable on television, it is a bit reverse in the real sense. According to Haff, a lot of components he ends up purchasing don’t normally turna gain.

Regardless of Auction Hunters, Allen Haff has also appeared on Style Network’s Clean House, has been featured in The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, and functioned as a host on HGTV’s hit show My home is Worth What?
Allen Haff was born and raised in Adrian, Michigan to an antique collector and dealer. Learning from his dad, he was able to put himself through school by buying and selling. After graduation he chose to move south and wound up in Texas. At just 24 years old , he owned an antique car dealer in Houston, Texas. Allen also had a shop on eBay that sold old collectibles. He decided to move and ended up in California.

In California, mainly Los Angeles, he started buying and selling antiques again, this time hunting estate sales, thrift stores, and storage units. His many years in the company proved to be key when he was approached by Style Network to function as Clean House show. His knowledge and character helped the show to end up being the networks highest rated program. He also did appearances on My Home is Worth What? Although he achieved small success on television he chose to continue together with his resale company. In 2008 he began the business Hollywood & Vintage, which specializes in vintage collectibles and movie memorabilia.

The show has a substantial following and is entering it’s fourth season.

Just how much is $1.2 million dollars really?
We could just assume that with each of these trades Allen’s making he needs to somehow keep track of what is happening. But then he had need some paper too. So perhaps he’d rather only invest it in more antiques.

But when you are thinking he is got a lot of cash just for purchasing and reselling stuff, think about it this way — even Allen doesn’t have enough cash to buy the world’s most high-priced table. In a cost of $4.6 million dollars for the Tufft Rococo Table, Allen might only have to work another 80 years to get it.

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