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Andrew Feldman Net Worth

The Feldman Diaries

Andrew began playing poker after his brother introduced him to the sport. Andrew went with online poker when he was 18.

Since then, Feldman has rolled up his estimated net worth of $10 million. When he found how his gains grew, his occasional play become a full-blown addiction. After winning a great sum of money, then ended up losing everything after a poor week of gambling.

Andrew Feldman was encouraged by his parents to return to school as they desired him to finish his study. Feldman attended Gambler’s Anonymous meetings while he attempted to focus on his studies but he soon gave up. Feldman went back to playing poker and got all his cash back and even more. His parents required him to complete his A-levels but he never made an effort to go to university. Feldman played poker again and went to win more than $800,000. He’s now sponsored by Full Tilt Poker Online. He also proceeded to appear on the reality TV show The Secret Millionaire in Channel 4.
Andrew Simon Feldman, Baron Feldman of Elstree (created 25 February 1966), is a British barrister, businessman and Conservative fundraiser and politician.

The Financial Times described Feldman as “David Cameron’s earliest political friend” since their days together at Brasenose College, Oxford. Feldman was responsible for fundraising David Cameron’s successful Tory leadership campaign in 2005.

Following the successful leadership election, Feldman was named by Cameron as leader fundraiser and Conservative deputy treasurer (chairman of the Tory Party’s Leaders’ Club), whose job was to entice wealthy donors by enticing businessmen to pay 50,000 to meet Cameron for lunch and be kept up to date with policy developments. In July 2008 David Cameron promoted Feldman to Chief Executive of the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, a key role in preparing the Tories for the 2010 general election. In October 2008, Feldman was embroiled in the “Yachtgate” scandal with George Osborne. It was when Feldman was Cameron’s leader fundraiser. Both denied they had discussed soliciting donations from Deripaska contrary to the claim made in the time by Nathaniel Philip Rothschild who organised the party occasion

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