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Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth

How rich is Antonio Esfandiari?

Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth:
$20 Million

Birth date: December 8, 1978
Birth place: Tehran, Iran
Profession: Professional Poker Player, Actor, Illusionist
Education: Del Mar High School
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: Bijan Esfandiari
Siblings: Pasha Esfandiari
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth

So in this post we are going to talks about Antonio Esfandiari net worth, which will be estimated at $20 million. This game used to be popular just among small circles of men and women, poker geeks and enthusiast. You also used to see poker in some specific films, generally about the life of mafia. Yet, now poker is everywhere. It is one of the very popular games to get a guys’ night with a beer and it is getting increasingly more popular amongst the girls too. As a person, I’m not a large enthusiast of playing poker. Probably because I am no good at it and I choose to keep my cash in the wallet.

Antonio is a poker-made millionaire. Antonio is not alone, but I find his narrative particularly fascinating. Antonio and his brother (who, by the way, also plays poker) were born in Tehran, Iran, and lived there until he was 9 years old. When the boy turned 9, his parents moved to stay in California and took him collectively. As many boys, Esfandiari desired to be a magician. What made him different from your peers with similar dreams was that Antonio used to actually place lots of work in training and practicing various tricks. In fact, he was so dedicated for this dream, he even changed the name for this! Seemingly the future millionaire thought that Antonio the Magician seems more mysterious than Amir the Magician (although I really could argue with that, I must admit that this tells a little something about how serious he was).

And also though magic is not the supply of the present Antonio Esfandiari net worth, this is a pretty profitable occupation. Once he’s earned the name as a great magician, his salary for just one stint changed from $300 to $400. Not bad for a few hours work, is not it?

However, this was not the night when he got REALY lucky. In 2012 he won more than $18 million. While talking about that triumph, Antonio’s pal said: “I never doubted that he could do it though. Antonio took a positive mentality lecture some time back and he is been actually concentrated ever since. So that’s where Antonio Esfandiari net worth comes from!

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