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Azim Premji Net Worth

How rich is Azim Premji?

Azim Premji Net Worth:
$15.5 Billion

Birth date: July 24, 1945
Birth place: Mumbai, India
Profession: Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Education: St. Mary's School, Mumbai, Stanford University
Nationality: India
Spouse: Yasmeen Premji
Children: Rishad Premji, Tariq Premji
Parents: M.H. Hasham Premji
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Azim Premji wiki & biography:

Azim Premji Net Worth: 155 Billion

Aziz Premji is one of the very most respected businessmen in India because of his charities to numerous organizations. Due to his remarkable philanthropic qualities, he could be regarded as the largest donor in Asia. With his rare virtuous nature, he loves love and esteem from his countrymen and people from abroad.

Besides this, his technology company Wipro has always been towards the very top of list of performers. Aziz Premji has slowly come to be thought of as the model of ‘Corporate social responsibility’. The singularity in character and ethos in business do not find parallel everywhere on the planet.

Partner :Yasmeen Premji

He’s an electrical Engineer from Stanford University.
His distinctiveness in business
Mr. Aziz Premji is the chairman of Wipro Ltd and he’s served this position right from 1968. Previously, his contribution as the managing director and president of the company established to exceptionally contributive to the advancement of the business. “Premjiinvest” is the firm he’s founded in the past and it has been one of the finest investment companies in India. He also owns the Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Ltd, which is one of the best infrastructure builders in India. Aziz has been serving as the manager of the principal board in the Reserve Bank of India for last 8 years.
He’s one of the few industrialists in India, who has always adhered to the principle of ‘simple living and high thinking’. He lives in the town of Bangalore in a great house and avoids all pieces of extravagances. He’s not affectionate of purchasing expensive houses, although he is able to manage to do this in every portion of the whole world.
Cars and planes
Unlike the other industrialists, he uses a straightforward Toyota Corolla auto, which will be far below his standing available. Neither has he adored to maintain fleet of cars nor private jets.
His entire annual salary and bonus-simply majestic!!!
Hence, his annual compensation comes to $5,97,717 and plus, he gets from his stock another sum of $ 1,36,110 and therefore, his calculated compensation approximately comes to $7,33,827.
His networth
His networth is computed as $ 17 Billion and he’s one of the super rich industrialists in India. He stands out unexpectedly amongst all in wealth and philanthropy

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