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Bob Costas Net Worth

How rich is Bob Costas?

Bob Costas Net Worth:
$45 Million

Birth date: March 22, 1952
Birth place: New York City, New York, United States
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Journalist, Talk show host, Sports commentator, Announcer, Commentator, Actor, Voice Actor, Writer
Education: Syracuse University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jill Sutton (m. 2004), Carole Krumenacher (m. 1983–2001)
Children: Taylor Costas, Keith Michael Kirby Costas
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Bob Costas wiki & biography:

Bob Costas Net Worth 45 Million

There is certainly a reason why Bob Costas net worth, which is currently estimated at $45 million, is as striking as it is. You know, occasionally when you’re seeing the game you kind of get the feeling the only thing which the commentator does is telling who has the ball at the moment. Yet this really is never the situation if you are seeing the game with Bob Costas. This sports commentator actually raises high standards both to himself and his coworkers. The sports is quoted saying:” Any good broadcast, not only an Olympic broadcast, should have feel to it. It should have information, should possess some history, should have something that’s offbeat, quirky, humorous, and where called for it, must have journalism, and judiciously it must also have commentary. That is my ideal.”

You must realize that in most instances gift is not enough to meet this ideal. No, before going on air there are innumerable hours of prep.

Naturally, over the years commentators memorize plenty of facts, so they don’t need to do the research straight from your beginning all over and over again. But this type of information accumulation” is a real time saver just for commentators who specialize at one particular sport, e.g. football. Meanwhile Costa is a worldwide commentator and he’s frontlined most Olympics broadcasts for NBC, including Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996, Salt Lake City in 2002,Athens in 2004, Turin in 2006, Beijing in 2008, Vancouver in 2010, London in 2012, and Sochi in 2014 (not to mention, all these occasions added a solid sum to Bob Costas net worth). For individuals like Costas, it’s almost impossible to keep all the info they might want during the game always saved in their heads. If they tried, I think the occasions would fallow the scenario like the one we have seen in the picture Butterfly Effect. So it is really completely necessary for Bob to figure out how to search for information extremely quick and to do the research ahead of the sport. Again, I expect Bob Costas net worth will continue growing, because this man actually deserves it!

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