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Briana Banks Net Worth

Briana Banks net worth: Briana Banks is a German American pornographic actress and model who has a net worth of $3 million. With her dad still living in Germany, Briana left her mothers house when she was sixteen, taking her fourteen-year old sister Lorin with her. When she turned 18, Briana got the entire guardianship of her younger sister. As a teenager, Briana became a model and featured in the cover of “Teen” magazine. Her long legs, outstanding bust, and lovely green eyes allowed her to triumph in the business modeling. Before entering the adult movie industry, Briana worked in many places making pizza, at an arts-and-craft shop, as a secretary, and also a file clerk. She started in the pornographic business when in 1999 she reacted to a newspaper ad for nude modeling for adult magazines. The photographer took her to the pornographic industry. Her arty name in the business was “Mirage”, likely because of her still pose when photographed as a model. She was Penthouses “Pet of the Month” in June 2001. Banks was one of the first pornographic actresses to have action figure created by Cyber F/X and Sota Toys. She was likewise a contributor author to the 2004 publication “How to Possess a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Pictorial Guide”.
Briana Banks is an American-German model-turned adult film actress. Briana Banks was born Briana Bany onMay 21, 1978 inMunich,Germany. In 1999, she consented to do a naked photoshoot for an adult magazine. Eventually, she started working in the adult film industry. She made her debut using a picture titledUniversity Coeds 18,inwhich she co-starred with Brandon Iron.Using the moniker Mirage, she got her last name from famous supermodel Tyra Banks. As Briana Banks, her first picture wasDecadent Whores 9. To date, she’s appeared in a total of 279 adult films. In 2004, she became among the contributing writers to the publication titledHow To Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide. The publication provides suggestions and suggests about sex.

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