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Bruce Jenner Net Worth

Bruce Jenner Net Worth $100 Million

He is generally known to people as the victor of Olympic Gold, which he won at Summer Olympic Games at Montreal which happened in 1976. Moreover, Bruce Jenner is well known for his family relatives. He is a dad of Brody Jenner, who’s a well-known television personality.

A biggest part of Bruce Jenner net worth comes from his career of being a true track and field athlete. On the other hand, there are many other sources which raise his net worth such as being a regular guest on TV and also being a motivational speaker. Bruce Jenner was born in Mount Cisco, ny, in 1949.

Initially, lots of people believed he will succeed in being a professional football player because he used to play it rather a lot during his youth years. He even was so good at it that he had the opportunity to enrol into Graceland College on football scholarship. But after a knee injury Bruce Jenner had not been able to play football anymore.

Bruce Jenner was noticed by LD Weldon who’s a trainer of track and field and decathlon jogging. He saw Bruce Jenner’s possibility and invited him to train with him. Therefore, Bruce Jenner got involved into other branch of sport, which now brings vast amounts to the total sum of Bruce Jenner net worth.

In 1972, Bruce Jenner tried his chance at Olympic Trials and Olympic Games and came in 3rd and 10th places in competition, respectively. Seeing that he is able to reach so considerably, Bruce Jenner chose to train even harder.

All hard work paid when Bruce Jenner became the American Champion in 1974 and 1976. Winning the Olympic Games in 1976 also set a world record. Consequently, being an athlete in track and field branch made him an international star and brought him a great deal of acclaim and fiscal success.

Also, this success made him to be among the spokesmen for the cereal called Wheaties. Along with being a face of cereal, he is also a well known guest on TV. He appeared on TV show called Chips. Moreover, he’s appeared in films, also. Consequently, being a spokesman and also a star on TV adds more money to the total amount of Bruce Jenner net worth.

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