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Bushwick Bill Net Worth

How rich is Bushwick Bill?

Bushwick Bill Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Birth date: December 8, 1966
Birth place: Kingston, Jamaica
Height:3 ft 8 in (1.12 m)
Profession: Singer, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Bushwick Bill wiki & biography:

Bushwick Bill Net Worth: 15 Million

Bushwick Bill is the name of the beautiful popular Jamaican — American rapper who’s even known worldwide along with his distinct number of name such as Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwick. He’s essentially from Jamaica but was dressed upwards in the city called Brooklyn of the Big Apple.
Bushwick BillHeight: 3.8feet / 1.12m tall
Weight: 42 Kg / 92 pound

Bushwick Bill is the sizzling rapper as well as vocalist that have been gifted using a charming sensational voice to make the world go mad for him. He succeed with this particular mystic voice in the 80’s together with the launch of Geto Boys and then had been offering a lot of musical track which has made him today capable for leading a proud lifestyle with no drop of pressure has he’s the net worth ranging near about $2 million that is thought to be hefty amount. Together with the success of pictorial variety of tracks came up with new track for Geto Boys too as few more records that were a remark because of his survival in the industry. He’d even made his appearance in few of the show overly such as “martin”. Howsoever, 2010 did not proved to a good year for him as he was deported for control over marijuana and cocaine.
The house of the well-known rapper is rendered with the urban touch alongside the current style of architecture. This beautiful house is situated together with the waterfront zone that offers an ultimate look to the sweets residence. This house is offered with all kind of luxurious as well as modern approach to makes it sensational home in the neighborhood. He even owns an apartment in the Los Angeles as it was really challenging for him to make go to the record studio in the Jamaica dwelling. This apartment has been offered with all the luxurious appearance inclusive of 3 rooms with exotic toilet in addition to the same balance of elegance as well as relaxation. The house has an open kitchen boasted with the hi-tech equipment useful for daily household action. The opulence dwelling has been offered together with the parking zone for his luxurious display also.
Autos He favors most sports cars which were bestowed with superior majors of awareness in functionality and complete to assure a royal ride on it when he is on the go to his shooting sight. These automobiles are preferred due to its classic appearance which is guaranteed with the sleek design and integration of greatest functionality that’s is winner in the roadway in speed. He collection includes of Audi Q7 that symbolize leather inside foe refined appearance.

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