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Carlos Slim Helu Net Worth

Carlos Slim Helu Net Worth: 78 Billion

Richness and Humility are almost never associated to be two sides of a coin but with the richest in the world humility is a virtue that they believe keeps them human. That’s seen in the richest of the human race like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet as well as the world’s wealthiest man Carlos Slim Helu. Paradoxically the entire world’s wealthiest man has no love for the wealth he owns, he’s a huge philanthropist and has extraordinary nature as an individual yet his immense wealth of over $70 Billion makes him the current holder of the title the entire world’s wealthiest man.
Carlos is a Mexican Businessman, Investor and Entrepreneur along with his lineage derived from Lebanon who is fondly known many a time as the “Most Economical Billionaire” because of the monetary restraint he believes in. Carlos does not believe in spending lavishly and does not have any important assets or love for gadgets like a great many other billionaires in the abundant list.
Date Of Birth:January 28, 1940
Carlos Slim HeluHeight: 5.8feet or 1.73 m
Weight: 173 pound / 79 Kg
Children : Carlos and Marco Antonio Slim Domit
Spouse: Businessman Carlos Helu was wed to Soumaya Domit Gemayel.

Many wealthy people would rather put their money to the hands of other associations when contributing their wealth, but Carlos owns his own foundation that is credited for helping in several aspects from disaster aid to Supporting and preserving arts. He even contributed 4 billion lately to the foundation for its focus on health and schooling to developing countries.
Business Acumen
Carlos Slim Helu is thought to be the planet ‘s best businessman not because of his extreme wealth but due to his company practices he used to obtain said wealth. The learnt the means of company from his dad when he was merely 12 years at age, which contained book keeping and business practices and how to read financial sheets which he went on to master along a number of other factors in operation.
Today due to his company insight he owns many big firms in Mexico, America and around the world like America Movil which is the third biggest mobile network operator on earth worth $100 million
Salary & Bringing In Style
While it is apparent his company knowledge is untouchable and due to his notions and his investments he is able to earn up to $30 Million a day which is more than many celebrities make in their own life. He’s been criticized for earning that enormous sum by creating a ruthless monopoly in a few of the markets he owns.
Not Living in Luxury
While many have wondered the reason behind his frugal nature he has come out to say which he does like spending to the right things like high-priced Cuban cigars and buying art which he’s thought to have purchased assets worth $6 billion but never on something like cars as well as houses.
His house is a most one using a mere six bedrooms quite less compared to hat billionaires reside in and is worth only a few millions which is relatively peanuts to him.

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