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Clinton Kelly Net Worth

The Secrets of a Fashion Consultant Exposed

Famous American media persona and fashion consultant Clinton Kelly has an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2012.

He’s of Italian and Irish ancestry. After graduating fromComsewogue High School, he completed his bachelor’s degree in communications from Boston College. Eventually, he attendedMedill School of JournalismatNorthwestern University to acquire his master’s degree in journalism.

Prior to his career atWhat to not Wear,Clinton Kelly has worked as an editor and freelance writer for a number of publications like Madamoiselle, Daily News Record and Marie Claire. In 2008, he began working as a guest adviser forMiss America: Countdown to the Crown,a reality television show aired on TLC. In 2011, he became the cohost ofThe Chew,an ABC daytime show.

Along with being a fashion consultant, Kelly can be a writer. He wroteGenerally be Better than Everyone Else,Oh No She Didn’t andFreakin’ Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate.
When it comes to day, Clinton Kelly net worth amounts to $2 million and I have to say I’m a bit envious for him. And this really isn’t even because he is loaded — call me nave, but I nevertheless consider that happiness is not about money. I’m envious as the guy earns millions for doing what he truly loves! But let us take a closer look at his profession and see how this man got so loaded.

After earning his master’s degree Clinton began working as a freelancer journalist for various magazines in New York. The young and gifted man did not have some trouble finding jobs and his salary rose every year. While Clinton Kelly net worth has been growing due to his occupation as an editor, the style guru has also continued authoring articles. Actually, I think you may have read a number of them without even knowing this because Kelly didn’t always sign by his actual name. For example while working as a deputy editor at Mademoiselle Clinton also wrote some posts under the pseudonym Joe L’Amour.

One other important source of Kelly’s income is his work on television. He’s most renowned as a cohost of reality television show What Not To Wear. On this show his co-star is Stacy London. Incidentally, even though Clinton is openly homosexual, What Not To Wear is nothing like pioneering show Queer Eye. Unless there is an extremely exact and otherwise trusted “homosexual radar”, you’d never think that Kelly is not a heterosexual.

When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it can be worth a following day of misery”; 2008) and Oh No She Didn’t (2010). Each one of the publications was fairly successful commercially and made substantial contributions to the development of total Clinton Kelly net worth.
Produced in Panama City, Panama, Clinton Kelly actually grew up on Long Island in Ny. Clinton’s initial aspirations had nothing related to trend. He graduated from Boston College with a diploma in communications and then went to pursue his master’s degree in the field of journalism.

While employed as an editor for Daily News Record, Kelly was approached by the producers from What Not to Wear, TLC’s reach fashion show. He and co star Stacy London have appeared in more than 250 leading episodes, and fans will surely miss the duo when the series finale reaches television screens across America at the end of this next season. Kelly is also a co host of the popular talk show The Chew.

Thanks for their television success and previous writing and journalism experience, Clinton Kelly and Stacy London were able to co author a book in 2005. Kelly went on to compose two additional publications, in 2008 and 2010. He still gives to The Chicago Homage on a weekly basis and established his own QVC clothes line back in 2008. He’s been the subject of an array of written interviews and takes on private vogue customers as well.

Clinton Kelly’s private life is comparatively quiet. Kelly, who is openly homosexual, bases his trend suggestions about sensible practice and choice and has avoided the stereotypical “homosexual trend” label. In 2009, he married Damon Bayles and they currently reside in Connecticut. Clinton Kelly is now estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

So how much is $2 million actually?

When QVC launched Kelly’s Extended Tab 5 Pants, the newest merchandise sold out in a just 7 seconds. They’re not listed on QVC, but based on reviews they were in pretty high demand. He may have stocked his closet with about 40,000 pairs!

His self-proclaimed fashion splurge item is a fine cashmere sweater.

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