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Dan Donegan Net Worth

How rich is Dan Donegan?

Dan Donegan Net Worth:
$25 Million

Birth date: August 1, 1968
Birth place: Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States
Profession: Guitarist, Musician
Nationality: United States of America
Children: Justin Donegan, Maya Donegan
Record labels: Reprise Records, Giant Records, Warner Bros. Records
Music groups: Disturbed (Since 1994), Fight or Flight, Vandal
Movies: Disturbed
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Fight or Flight: the Ultimate Convenience!
Dan Donegan Net Worth: Dan Donegan is an American musician and guitarist who has a net worth of $25 million dollars. Born in Oak Lawn, Illinois on August 1, 1968, Dan Donegan is famous for playing in the most popular heavy metal band, Disturbed. He plays both guitar and keyboard and has been active in the music industry since 1986. Dan continues to be affiliated with record labels including Giant, Intoxication, Reprise, and Warner Bros. He also currently plays in a side project called Fight or Flight. He now has two kids by the names of Maya and Justin. Donegan’s notable musical equipment features a Schecter Ultra Dan Donegan signature model guitar as well as a Shceter Solo-6 2010 limited edition guitar, a Randal RM4 preamp, Mesa/Boogie Dual and Triple Rectifier amps, Bogner Ecstasy heads, and Digitech effects. He has released six studio albums with Disturbed, one with Fight or Flight, one with Vandal, plus one demo tape with Brawl.

Dan started making wealth as a teen when he formed a group called Vandal. He is a keyboard player in addition to an accomplished guitarist. His teenage group Vandal was a 80s style hair band.

He played with members of Vandal in another band called “Loudmouth”. Donegan was on #76 on the Chop Shop’s list of Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players ever. Donegan learnt to play the guitar by himself. Dan makes use of one handed and two handed tapping in a lot of his solos. You can view his significant sweep picking and his heavy riffs in many of his music videos. Donegan shreds in certain tunes, and he makes use of finger vibrato too. Donegan also uses the whammy bar to supply the tunes a certain sound effect.

Donegan had long hair during the first days of Disturbed. A DVD of Disturbed titled M.O.L said that he had got a job with his dad for doing building work. This job required him to cut off his hair, however he used to wear a wig and deceive his father. Donegan has a daughter named Maya and also a son named Justin. In 2010, Donegan constructed a signature guitar.
Dan Donegan (created August 1, 1968 in Oak Lawn, Illinois) is an American musician and guitarist for heavy metal band Disturbed. Donegan started playing guitar as a teenager and eventually formed a group called Vandal, that was an ’80s-style hair band. He also played with several of the members of Vandal in a different group that was called Loudmouth. Donegan was added to the guitar show “Chop Shop’s” list of “Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time” at number 76. Donegan is pursuing a side project band, Fight or Flight in collaboration with Disturbed band member Mike Wengren.

Donegan had quite long hair through the early days of Brawl and Disturbed. He was required to cut his hair because of it, but instead opted to put on a wig to mislead his dad and keep his long hair. It worked, and his dad eventually let him keep his long hair.[4] Donegan features a daughter named Maya and also a son named Justin. He uses one handed and two handed tapping in many of his solos, with pull offs, legatos and hammer-ons, also occasionally using the “film off” technique, as used in the solo for the song “Indestructible”, as well as in others too. His heavy riffs and sweep picking are seen in several music videos. He uses his DigiTech Dan Donegan, “The Weapon” for many effects in and out of his solo work. He also combines arpeggios with finger tapping and many other techniques. He’s notorious for shredding in certain songs and uses finger vibrato on occasion. He uses the whammy bar in several tunes to give it a specific sound effect. In the video “The Making of Indestructible”, he mentions he prefers “tasteful” solos, as opposed to shredding solos that rely primarily on speed. Disturbed’s frontman David Draiman mentions “he [Donegan] can rip with the best of them”. David also says “He Is [Donegan] in my opinion you know among the most effective in existence, and he does not give himself enough credit”. Early on with his career with Disturbed, Donegan played Gibson Les Paul Standards and SGs. Afterward, he changed to play a few Paul Reed Smith models, the Tremonti Model plus a PRS Singlecut. In 2005, Washburn Guitars built Donegan his own signature version known as the Maya, named after his daughter. For 2010, Dan constructed a trademark guitar with Schecter guitars, that’s based on the ultra classic model (his being the ultra DD). Donegan is a fan of GHS Boomer guitar strings and uses the 12-52 gauge set. He also uses Seymour Duncan pickups in his guitars. He is now signed to Schecter Guitars.

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