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Dana Perino Net Worth

Dana Perino Net Worth $4 Million

Dana Perino is a popular name in politics. It’s been estimated the total size of Dana Perino net worth reaches as high as 4 million dollars. An enormous part of it was collected due to DanaPerino profession into politics, which is of an enormous interest to her. To people, Dana Perino is likely mainly called a former White House Press Secretary. She’s additionally the 27th man to hold this place. This place also offers added a lot to the overall sum of Dana Perino net worth. Additionally, it made her to be a second female to have this place. Before Dana, it was done by Dee Dee Myers. The latter was serving during the Clinton’s government.

Now, she’s no longer having this standing, as among the current sources of her popularity along with Dana Perino net worth is understood to be her engagement into Fox News, where she’s functioning as a political commentator. Besides that, she’s also among the hosts of the show called “The Five”, which will be aired on the Fox network. Dana Perino can also be working at Random House, where her profession is a book publishing executive. So, all these mentioned engagements of hers are significant sources of Dana Perino net worth.

Dana was raised in Colorado. Dana Perino has origins in Italian. When she was a pupil there, she was also part of the university’s public speaking team. Additionally, at once as the student was attending her studies, she was also taking care of a few radio stations.

Dana Perino became more known to the people when she began working as Deputy Press Secretary in 2005. The student remained in this position for two years, till 2007.

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