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Darrell Hammond Net Worth

How rich is Darrell Hammond?

Darrell Hammond Net Worth:
$2 Million

Birth date: October 8, 1955
Birth place: Melbourne, Florida, United States
Profession: Comedian, Actor, Impressionist
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Elizabeth Hammond (m. 1997), Elizabeth Hammond (m. 1986–1994)
Children: Mia Hammond
Parents: Margaret Hammond, Max Hammond
Books: God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Darrell Hammond wiki & biography:

Darrell Hammond net worth: Darrell Hammond is an American comic with a net worth of $4 million dollars. Born in Melbourne, Florida, Darrell Hammond attended the University of Florida and graduated with a B.A. in Journalism. He found a passion for performing while still a pupil, and moved to nyc after graduation to pursue a vocation in comedy. He worked as a cruise ship comic for a number of years, among other comedy gigs. Darrell joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 1995, and holds the record for the most amount of successive seasons of any cast member. While with SNL, he performed the most beliefs of any cast member. Of his 107 beliefs, he’s most famous for his spot on portrayals of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Regis Philbin, John Travolta, and Sean Connery. His childhood was fairly rough, and he wrote about his experiences in the novel, “God If You’re Not Up There, I’m F***ed”, that was released in the autumn of 2011. In September 2014, it had been declared that Darrell Hammond would return to Saturday Night Live as the show’s announcer! Hammond will replace longtime announcer Don Pardo who died earlier this year.
Darrell Hammond is a comic, celebrity, and impressionist with a net worth of 8 million dollars. Hammond was born in 1955 in town of Melbourne, Florida. Hammond was active in sports through high school — mostly baseball and football. After finishing high school, Hammond went on to college and graduated from University of Florida using a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. As a student, he found his passion for theater and acting and after graduation, he headed for New York to follow his dream career as a comedian.

During the 1980’s, Hammond worked on premier cruise ship as a comedian and also took on other gigs too.

Subsequently, in 1995, Hammond joined the comical cast of “SNL” and started a long, successful career as a repertory player in the show. In reality, during the 2004 season, he set a record for the longest continually running tenure of any other SNL cast member. He additionally has made more appearances in the show than any cast member in history.

Darrell still performs over 105 celebrity beliefs, the most well-known of which include: Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, John Travolta, Donald Trump, and Regis Philbin. Hammond retired from Saturday Night Live after 14 years, but he has made several cameo appearances since then.
Darrell Hammond (created October 8, 1955) is an American actor, stand-up comedian and impressionist. He was a regular on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) from 1995 until 2009, the longest tenure of any cast member. Upon his departure, Hammond, at age 53, was the oldest cast member in the show’s history. Hammond has made more “SNL” appearances than any cast member and has impersonated more than 107 celebrities (with former President Bill Clinton as his most frequent impression). Hammond held the record for the majority of beliefs done by way of a cast member with 107, until being defeated by Kenan Thompson on May 3, 2014. As of December 10, 2011, he’d appeared on the show eight times since leaving the cast.

He is best known on the show for impersonating former President Bill Clinton, as well as Al Gore, Donald Trump, John McCain, Regis Philbin, Dick Cheney, Chris Matthews, Phil Donahue, Ted Koppel, John Travolta, Jesse Jackson, Geraldo Rivera, and Sean Connery, in the revenant Celebrity Jeopardy! skits. Hammond also impersonated SNL announcer Don Pardo, filling in for Pardo on occasions when the announcer was unavailable. Following the end of the 34th season, Hammond retired in the show following a record breaking 14 years as a repertory player. Hammond was the last SNL cast member in the 1990s to leave the show. After leaving the show, he’s made multiple cameo appearances. Hammond additionally holds the record for many shows of any SNL cast member, 280 (272 as a cast member and 8 cameos since).

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