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Dexter Holland Net Worth

How rich is Dexter Holland?

Dexter Holland Net Worth:
$65 Million

Birth date: December 29, 1965
Birth place: Garden Grove, California, United States
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Poet
Education: University of Southern California
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Kristine Luna (m. 1995–2012)
Children: Lex Land
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Dexter Holland wiki & biography:

Dexter Holland Net Worth: Dexter Holland is the vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the Californian punk rock band The Offspring who has a net worth of $65 million dollars. As a high school pupil, he began to listen punk music, especially the likes of Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Descendents, Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Social Distortion, T.S.O.L. and The Vandals. In this age, Holland started off as a karaoke singer in an area bar and created an idea of beginning a band. So, he formed “Manic Subsidal” in 1984 along with fellow band mate ‘Greg K.’ and afterwards changed their name to “The Offspring” in 1985, after Noodles became their second guitarist. Spending several years in the neighborhood scene, they finally released their very first album, simply titled “The Offspring”, in 1989. Their following studio releases “Ignition” (1992) and “Smash” (1994) were the ones that brought The Offspring to the mainstream success with hit singles as “Come Out and Play” and “Self Esteem”. The Offspring continues to be very successful since, releasing albums like “Ixnay on the Hombre” (1997), “Americana” (1998), “Conspiracy of One” (2000) and “Splinter” (2003). Along with the work together with his group, Dexter Holland has his own record label known as Nitro Records famed for re issuing the bands first ever album. What’s more, he is a licensed pilot and became a certified flight instructor in 2009. Plus, he has a hot sauce brand referred to as Gringo Bandito.
California born Bryan Keith “Dexter” Hollandhas a net worth of $65 million. The famed singer of the well-known group The Offspring a California punk rock band was the principal songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Holland started off as a karaoke singer in a nearby tavern plus a drummer for the Maniac Subsidal.

Besides being a part of The Offspring, Holland has his own record label known as Nitro Records famous for re-issuing the bands first ever album. Additionally, he appears on all of The Offspring’s eight records. A few of the records include Ignition and Smash that to date holds the record for album with most sales on an independent label. The 2007 version of Kerangi Holland was rated seventy third among a hundred stars who rock people’s world lists.

Holland had left USC before completing his PhD in Molecular Biology to focus on music and his group. Holland has a bachelor’s degree and a masters degree in biology and molecular biology respectively. Additionally, he’s an accredited pilot and in 2009 he became a certified flight instructor. Holland also has his own hot sauce brand referred to as Gringo Bandito.

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