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Don LaFontaine Net Worth

How rich is Don LaFontaine?

Don LaFontaine Net Worth:
$80 Million

Birth date: August 26, 1940, Duluth, Minnesota, United States
Death date: September 1, 2008, Los Angeles, California, United States
Birth place: Duluth
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Voice Actor, Actor, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Nita Whitaker (m. 1989–2008), Joan Studva (m. 1967–1988)
Children: Christine LaFontaine, Skye LaFontaine, Elyse LaFontaine
Parents: Ruby LaFontaine, Alfred LaFontaine
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Don LaFontaine wiki & biography:

Lafontaine – What Is It?
Don LaFontaine Net Worth: Don LaFontaine was an American voice actor who recorded more than 5,000 film previews and hundreds of thousands of television advertisements, network promotions, and video game previews. Don LaFontaine had a net worth of $80 million dollars. Don LaFontaine was born August 26, 1940 in Duluth, Minnesota where he has said his voice cracked at age 13 in mid-sentence, giving him the bass tones that would later bring him much acclaim and success. He became identified with the phrase “In a world…”, used in a lot of movie trailers that it became a clich. Broadly known in the film industry, the man whose nicknames included “Thunder Throat” and “The Voice of God”, became known to a wider audience through advertisements for GEICO insurance and the Mega Millions lottery game. LaFontaine lent his quite distinctive voice to tens of thousands of picture trailers during his career, spanning every genre from every major film studio. To get a time, LaFontaine had a near-monopoly on movie preview voiceovers. Some noteworthy previews which LaFontaine emphasized in the intro on his official site contain: “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, “Shrek”, “Friday the 13th”, “Law & Order” and “Batman Returns”. LaFontaine died on September 1, 2008, six days after his 68th birthday, following complications from a pneumothorax.
He’s one of the most acclaimed voice actors of our times. Don’s net worth according to the latest estimates stand at $80 Million. His acclaim and wealth comes from his many endeavors where he lends his voice for television advertisements, video game previews and films.

Don LaFontaine was famously nicknamed as the “Thunder Throat” and “The Voice of God”. He was employed as a recording engineer. But Don LaFontaine was destined to achieve more in life. Don began working at nyc ‘s National Recording Studio. It was here that Don got the opportunity to be connected with Floyd Peterson. Floyd Peterson was so impressed with Don’s work that he used his thoughts for the spots. Later they both did business on making ads after 1963 in the movie industry.

Life changed for Don LaFontaine while he was working around the Gunfghters of Casa Grande in 1964. MGM was looking for an excellent voice artist. The position was filled with Don Lafontaine. His career path took off from there. Eventually Don went to become among the noted voice artists of America. Kaleidoscope Films Ltd was afterward headed by Don. He became the preview maker of an important production house before starting his own company in 1976. He called it the “Don Lafontaine Associates”.

Don died at age 68 in the year 2008.

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