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Dr Phil Net Worth

Dr Phil Net Worth $50 Million

One of the most widely used and influential TV personalities of today Dr Phil net worth has been said to have an estimate of 200 million dollars. Besides his huge net worth, Dr Phil has been pronounced to receive 50 million dollars as his yearly salary, which likewise makes him one of the finest paid stars on the TV. Dr Phil whose real name is Philip Calvin McGraw is generally known to the general public as a routine star on TV channels, a very successful author and also a former psychologist, which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Dr Phil net worth.

Born in 1950 in Oklahoma, the United States, the star moved to California, where Dr is residing right now. Moreover, Dr even got a football scholarship. Everything went well considering that the tournament of NCAA. The team lost to University of Houston team together with the score 100-6, which is among the most shocking scores in the history of NCAA. In 1990, Dr Phil determined to become and investor and established his first company called CSI, which stands for Courtroom Sciences, Inc. The business’s purpose was to guide other firms and individual businessman the best way to acquire settlements.

Talking about his career as an author, Dr Phil has released four novels which all gained a lot of success and acknowledgments from critics. Dr Phil’s life is focused on TV, when he doesn’t appear on his own show, he is invited by a number of other talk show hosts to appear as a guest. Also, according to the statement made by Forbes, Dr Phil receives around 80 million dollars each year, as of right now, which means an increase not only in his yearly salary but also in his net worth.

The company brought first amounts of dollars to the Dr Phil net worth.

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