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Draya Michele Net Worth

Draya Michele Net Worth

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Draya Michele Net Worth in 2014 This is all about as close to a accurate estimate of simply how much Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele is getting from her clothing line Mint Swimwear, modeling, as well as child birth. Draya popped onto the scene in February 2011 when she first appeared in . Back in the day video models made over $5,000 per video shoot. That was the minimum for the leading girls but in the 2000s the video funds were in sudden decline and so was the pay for the models. Most video girls can be prepared to get $500-700 per video. Her eleventh video was Fabolous’ “Leaving You”

In the beginning of her career as a men’s magazine model Draya made a small $650 for each shoot until she began getting covers. Michele wanted to build her notoriety so she had no issue taking a smaller fee than other models to get the front page. Following Michele’s appearance on Basketball Wives King Magazine apparently paid her $8,000 for the cover and narrative.

Draya has been called all sorts of names for her 29th birthdayparty neglect allegations. But Draya’s been laughing all of the method to the bank together with her son Kniko who she apparently gets $40,000 a month in child support from former NBA player Gilbert Arenas. Up until 2011 Arenas have been sending Draya money for their lovechild preventing the paternity test and public scrutiny since he was already married and had children by Laura Govan. Because the media had gotten word of the relationship she was advised to head to court and get official child support payments. From a man having a $22 million a year contract she took advantage and was awarded some serious monthly obligations.

On her own Draya’s net worth is an estimated $400,000. But her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick is worth over $30 million. She is able to likely put her money away for the time being or perhaps get pregnant and collect more child support.

Since her ascension from stripper to reality star Draya Michele has seldom spoke about her personal life, besides who she sleeps with, and her son Kniko. The now 11 year old has grown up and nearly a teen. Draya refused to release any pictures of her son and even mention him on her social media pages. Lately she’s been more open reacting to the reports of her child neglect allegations. Draya has even posted pics of the young man Kniko on her instagram.

On season 1 of Basketball Wives LA Draya made her coming late in the season. After VH1 producers didn’t see an interesting story line with a few of the cast members they dropped them and added a younger and more controversial replacement. She had dated several basketball players and her son Kniko’s dad is Gilbert Arenas. So it had been pretty perfect.

Her salary as a primary cast member on Basketball Wives LA has doubled since her introduction on the show. Michele was bought on the show in the centre of filming season 1 and offered $40,000 for settlement. Following the show’s initial success VH1 allowed the returning cast members raises. Draya was paid $120,000 plus an undisclosed amount for bringing VH1’s former friend Brooke Bailey on the series.

Draya has even gotten important pay for club appearances. VH1 earns nearly $15,000 for hosting celebrations and events at night clubs and has even asked for a fee for promoting clubs via her twitter. For her 29th birthday party she received offers from several cocktail lounges in West Hollywood to pay her $10,000 to throw her birthday party. But she took the big money route and spent $3,500 to rent out Philipe Chow in West Hollywood with Orlando Scandrick.

Although you have discovered all concerning the police report following Draya’s arrest for child neglect and maltreatment the majority of people do not understand what’s been going on with her growing son Kniko. Well Draya recently has been more candid along with her relationship with him and claims she is become a much better parent.

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