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Drew Scott Net Worth

Drew Scott net worth: Drew Scott is a Canadian celebrity, host and real estate agent who has a net worth of $10 million. Drew Scott has a twin brother, Jonathan Silver Scott, who is an actor and illusionist. He also has an older brother J.D. Drew Scott is likely best known for being a host of the show “Property Brothers”, along with his brother Jonathan. The show features the two brothers helping individuals find their dream house without breaking the bank. Drew Scott also works as a realtor, and some of his other work has additionally found him in the house and real-estate sectors. Television credits where he is not appearing as himself include “Madison”, “Breaker High”, “Smallville”, “Purchasing and Selling”, and “For Your Security”. Outside of acting and hosting shows, Drew Scott is likewise an avid basketball player, playing in college and appearing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in 2012. He also has been riding horses since he was three yrs old, and has a black belt in karate.
At a young age, he began acting in theater, improve and sketch comedy. He also acquired an interest in directing and producing. Together with his twin, who is an actor and illusionist, Drew began investing in real estate to be able to finance endeavors. Their endeavor proved to be an effective one. In 2004, they founded Scott Real Estate, a company that manages the sales and building of residential as well as commercial endeavors. It’s offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Las Vegas. They incorporated their real estate business with the Dividian Production Group (DPG). Through DPG, he has produced a number of films, as well as television galas and events like the Leo Movie & TV Awards in Hollywood North and the Producers Ball through the Toronto International Film Festival. Together, the Scott Brothers would be the stars of the reality series Property Brothers on HGTV, which is now on its third season. The show is supposed to assist families get to their dream homes without breaking their budget.

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