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E. L. James Net Worth

E. L. James Net Worth

60 Million Dollars
Erika Leonard produced on 7th March 1963 In Great Britain is better known by her pen name EL James. She’s a British writer of the bestselling sensual intimate novel trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Colors Freed. The novels all three combined have sold over 35 million copies in Usa and over 70 million copies globally establishing the record for the quickest selling paperback book ever. In 2012 she was a part of The Worlds 100 Most Powerful People by the Time Magazine. She was farther felicitated by many numerous awards too like the 2012 Releasing Man of the Year by Publishers weekly and National Book Award 2012?
Later on it went on to be a film adaptation at the same time. James herself is shocked at the amazing answer to her trilogy. Forbes recorded her in their best earning writers top list with a sale of 95 million dollars and additional 5 million for the film rights. The collection is now both popular and controversial because of its content of explicit sex scenes and BDSM lifestyle.
El James by far is the greatest earning writer based on the Forbes list. It’s safe to presume she’s bringing in the typical 7% royalty on every $14 paperback book and 25% royalty on every 10$ eBook. That’s quiet an sum. She’s making about 1 million dollars weekly. Well for this kind of tremendous bringing in people have not noticed her go on a spending sprees and hasnt purchased any high-priced collectibles too.
Leonard and James have two teenaged sons.
She now lives in a 350,000 pounds humble patio flat and has set her sights on a 3 million pounds mansion in the center of London city. That mansion has seven bedrooms and an indoor pool. Their new property is not going to be much way from their present house which they’ve possessed since 1998. But it’s a little surprise that James is looking to invest her cash because she’d denied interviews that she’s no goals of bringing in substantial amounts of money, she only adores composing.
Within an episode of car crash where this Porsche was involved and said to have already been driven by her brother himself. It is often said the automobile is possessed by James just. After her brother was cleared by authorities but the car was totally ruined for the reason that injury. The crash really entailed a Nissan as well and its driver lost his life during the injury just. Case was luckily settled in favor of Jamess brother and he escaped the punishment of incarceration.
Fifty Shades of Grey continues to be criticized due to its source as a fan fiction based on the Twilight collection of novels. And thus some readers were calling copyright problems.
Her novels are encircled by controversies since their start specially the first one Fifty Shades of Grey. This can be the rationale I think that the number of sex live projected in her following novels of trilogy is low.
Depicting BDSM
Fifty Shades of Gray has been subject to criticism as a result of depiction of BDSM in it.
Censorship and removal of her novels. Many public libraries refused to keep her publications by asserting that they included sexual content and isn’t meet because of its readers. These instances were reported in Brazil, Argentina and Usa. But because of the popularity and public demands they’d to make these copies available for their patrons thus stopping the controversy.
I created a storyline and I wrote it.
I actually enjoy intelligent guys who challenge you.

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