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Emraan Hashmi Net Worth

Emraan Hashmi Net Worth: 12 Million

Emraan Hashmi is a fashionable Hindi movie actor, who in spite of being a true gentleman along with a family man, possessing to his thrillers laced with sensuality earned him the nickname of a ‘serial kisser’. He was born at Mumbai in 1979, and is fondly called Emmi by his relatives. He made his debut as an actor in 2002, however he shot to fame using a thriller that was released a year later. And then followed EmraanHashmi story, with a number of his other commercial success where’s exhibited his acting skills, and was valued for his characters which enabled him to earn nominations for movie Awards thrice. He’s happily married to his ex girlfriend, and has a son.
Emraan Hashmi Height: 5.8 feet or 1.73 m
Weight: 72 Kg or 158 pounds
Partner:Emraan Hashmi married withParveen Shahani in 2006
Emraan Hashmi Career and Earnings Emraan Hashmi is a nephew of a renowned movie maker, and he himself started his career as an assistant director to get a movie. But after the moved from behind and camera and chose to face it as an actor. And it proved to be a well believed move as the was approved by the national, together with international audiences and he became a hot property of Bollywood film industry. As Emraan’s stature grew, so did his pay checks and it is said he was offered around 8-10 crores for each movie he acted in.
It may be a coincidence, but this is true that the songs of his pictures have particularly being super successes, and international audiences engrossed nearly half the amount as much his movies got in revenue.
House and Automobiles Emraan Hashmi was drawn towards luxury cars from childhood, thanks to his dad who brought car magazines at home, and Emraan could not help but browse through it and fall head over heels for high end cars like Lamborghini and Mercedes. But from his first paycheck he purchased a silver colored Hyundai Accent, and then later he purchased a metallic brownish Honda Accord. But his elaborate group began when he bought a BMW coupe which had the cost price of around 14 lakh, and his more recent jewel is an Audi A8. It’s possible for you to see farther up gradation in his automobile collection as he aspires to own a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or a Porsche. However a blaring system is crucial for all his automobiles for he likes deafening his ears with loud music.
Emraan Hashmi lives in a small house together with his family at Mumbai. Himself also owned a beautiful bungalow at the hot tourist destination of Goa.

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