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Ezequiel Lavezzi Net Worth

Ezequiel Lavezzi Net Worth

Market Value 18.48 Million

Ezequiel Lavezzi Net Worth

He was plays as a winger. Lavezzi had an extremely keen interest in local soccer and encouraging local Rosario Central, he afterwards received their badge tattooed on his back. From an extremely young age, the soccer ability of Lavezzi was understood, as he played in the youth team Rosario Central, after being rejected by Boca Juniors.

He mentions Olivier Tebily as among his favourite players. He was purchased by Genoa in 2004 for 1 million, but was loaned back to Argentine team San Lorenzo.

Transport deal worth around 6 million and he was introduced to the devotees and is numbered # 7 for the first season. With Napoli, Ezequiel Lavezzi yearly wages is about 6,72,000. This yearly wages was coming from your monthly wage about 56,000 that was coupled with weekly income worth for 14,000 and now his marketplace wages reached the sum 18,48 Million.

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