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Flavor Flav Net Worth

How rich is Flavor Flav?

Flavor Flav Net Worth:
$3 Million

Birth date: March 16, 1959
Birth place: Roosevelt, New York, United States
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Musician, Actor, Rapper, TV Personality, Composer, Restaurateur, Television producer, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Children: Kayla Drayton, Shaniq Drayton, William Drayton
Parents: Anna Drayton
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Flavor Flav wiki & biography:

Flavor Flav Net Worth $9 Million


Yes, he is the flav, the rapper with a birth name William Jonathan Drayton. Flav was born and brought up in Roosevelt, NewYork and has revealed tremendous liking towards musical instruments from his early age. Flav started with a piano continued with other instruments like the drums, brass, saxophone, vocals and today he has a hands on experience with 15 graphic musical instruments. Demanding his early school life was surrounded by music and musical instruments his career had graphic facets of life like music, television, reality shows, awards and laurels, public appearance and recently a eatery. Now as a result of his challenge and learning since his arrival he is a guy with a net worth of 9 million dollars.


Flav has not limited his horizons of musical career but expanded himself as a fact star in various series like essence of life, the surreal life and the unexpected love. Not only a reality star but Flav has also been in jail for his mischievous actions during early life. He’s also worked at a delivery service with his friend Carlton Ridenhour better known as Chuck D. AT the Public Enemy he’s worked as the hype man, a one who supports the chief rapper with distinct interjections and background rap sounds, in his early career. Chuck D is definitely a guy of his words in the life of Flav in his good and bad times and in stabilizing the life of Flav. Flav has kept his net worth with the aid of Chuck D and his constant endeavours.

After the release of their first album “Public Enemy #1”, the duo was contacted by Rick Rubin , an executive at the Def Jam Records, who proposed to sign Chuck D’s solo performance, however Flav was referred by Chuck D for a duo sign up. The debut album, Yo! Bum rush the show, of the Public enemy was launched in 1987, and was declared the best album of the year by NME magazine in its critic’s survey s of 1987. It was among the three most powerful albums in the history of hip hop music. The laurels of success was followed by “It takes a Nation of millions” to hold us bank and “fight the Power”. The sign up with Def has lead Essence to raise a high net, worth million dollars.


Having a troubled private life and transferring from place to place Flav have seen many pros and cons in his private life with his dating partners while his friend Chuck D standing by his side always. After Chuck D’s insisting to move to Los Angeles where he was convinced to join The Surreal Life he maintained a steady frame work. Flav is a dad to seven kids from three mothers names Karen Ross, Angie Parker and the present one Liz. Presently himself lives in Vegas, Nevada with his Girlfriend and her son.

A show titled odd was given to Flav and Brigitte after the conclusion in the Surreal life, plotted on the adventure in love at the end of which Brigitte returned to Mattia Dessi, Her fianc. I love Newyork and I adore money were the two spin off’s of the show, Flavor of Love.


A musician being risen up to this type of peak in the TV industry is a success….


Continuing his dimensionless career he entered into the restaurant company, partnering with Nick Cimino, he began the Flav’sFried Chicken in Clinton, Lowa which was Cimino’s hometown. The eatery with some poor choices failed to kept up the mark of flav and was shut down in about 4 months of the start. After which flav made up to open House of Flavor in Vegas in March 2013. After which the flav started Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs with Gino Harmon and Salvatore Bitonti in Michigan at Sterling Heights, that was affiliated to his two previous ventures.

Flav is in and out of jail multiple times he left school after 11th grade due to robbery and burglary. After which flav has served the jail for assaulting Karen Ross his then girlfriend due to which he had to leave the custody of his kids. Additionally Flav is in jail for shooting his neighbor and then charged for domestic violence, bud charges and cocaine. All these legal problems and abuses were followed by rehabilitation at Long Island Center for healing. But with all his legal dilemmas and ups and downs with vocation Flav stands erect in his realm and makes a lot of money and more.

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