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Francois Pinault Net Worth

Francois Pinault Net Worth

Francois Pinault, a well known French businessman, was created on 21st of October, 1936 in Brittany. Francois began a wood company in the year 1963 in Rennes as his first company. After finding success in his wood company, he determined to extend his company to another level by including wood importing and after that sales, manufacturing and retailing in his company. Years after in 1990, Francois withdrew his wood company and began to focus on retailing and sales exclusively. Then the group become famed and the firm even took several other firms under their name. Compagnie Francaise De I’Afrique (CFAO) was the first one and was the leading company of sub Saharan Africa. The second company to come under their name was Conforama which was famed in the household goods field.

Another company was La Redoute which has specialty in the French mail-order business. Francois renamed his Pinault group as PPR group and despite the acquisition of FNAC he expanded the portfolio of the group. The famous company acquired the greatest limelight in the year 1999 when after acquiring the Gucci group it was recorded as the 3rd largest firm among the high-end goods sector around the world. The PPR group also obtained Puma in the year 2007 and demonstrated the indications of its undefined increase. With the assistance of its leading and most well-known brands PPR is still working great in key marketplaces.


Francois Pinault wasn’t produced in a rich family, in fact he was merely a son of a poor peasant but with his hard-work and powerful will to become a famous businessman he began his timber company and became what he’s today. Now he’s the proud creator of the PPR group that’s a fashion conglomerate.

Net Worth:

The entire company of Francois Pinault is self made and is quite definitely independent. With a net worth of $15.6, Francois Pinault is the 57th wealthiest person on this entire planet. The supply of his wealth is mainly his independent company. He is the single owner of Christie’s that is a auction house. Among his private sets he had two bronze statues which he later turned to the Chinese government as an understanding to their leadership. This arrangement did also hike his crucial market value. The two famed Venice museums — the Punta Della Dogana and the Palazzo Grassi also exhibits some artwork from his sets. An equally lavish manor situated in St. Tropez and also in London adds to his richness. Around March 2013, Forbes mentioned his net worth as $15 million making him as the 3rd wealthiest man in France and the 53rd wealthiest man around the entire world. Francois Pinault has three sons and among his sons now holds his complete company. His son was in the headlines last year because of his supermodel wife — Linda Evangelista as they both filed the guardianship of their only son after their divorce.

Life as an Art Collector:

And art collection is his largest fire from years. He has indeed the maximum sets of modern-day artwork worldwide. Due to his involvement in artwork, he also bought the ownership of the great Palazzo Grassi that’s in Venice, so as to exhibit some stuffs from his private art collections. Amaong his sets some were the works of the famed Damien Hirst. The well known magazine “Art Review” named Francois as the most effective man in modern artwork in the year 2006. Still he is very much active when it comes to artwork and also in the recent years also Francois has presented some art exhibitions at Palazzo Grassi only. Formerly he did organise some exhibitions outside Venice also including “Agony and Ecstasy” held in 2011. His never ending love for artwork made him spent over three decades commending artwork.

More about Art:

After handling his entire business Group Artemis to his son, Francois Henri, he took more interest in his art collections and held many exhibits through the years. Now he’s well-known more as an art collector than as a businessman. Like his father he also has some properties of great value. One is the Chateau Latour which is one of the original 4 Bourdeaux 1st increase wine estates. Based on Forbes, Francois Pinault and his family always had a net worth over $15 million. France Pinault is no doubt regarded as one of the businessman of all times in France especially.

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