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George A Romero Net Worth

The Appeal of George A Romero

Filmmaker George A. Romero may not be among the most successful directors at the box office, but he’s managed to amass an impressive net worth of about $35 million. But a net worth like that does not always mean that he is compromised his artistic principles, since few directors in Hollywood are as iconoclastic as George A. Romero. His career began in Pittsburgh, his adopted home, first in commercials and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and then in what remains his most important film, Night of the Living Dead. That film, with an frequently imitated but never entirely recaptured blend of art and schlock, has gone on to be regarded as one of the very influential horror movies ever made, entirely altering the genre forever.

George A Romero Net Worth

He followed up Night of the Living Dead with not only sequels to his Living Dead series (which continues to this day), but other horror movies and at least one romantic comedy entitled There’s Always Vanilla. Romero’s most famous work continues to be his Dead show, which now includes 6 entries. Romero has said that his next horror movie will not involve zombies, but it is a safe bet that it’ll involve artful and thought-provoking frightens like only Romero can bring you.
American film director, screenwriter, and editor best known for his ghastly and satirical horror movies,George A. Romero has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

American director George A. Romero was making pictures from age 14 — like most teen movie enthusiasts, with an 8 mm camera. Matriculating to the industrial-film business in Pittsburgh, Romero accrued enough capital to create his first feature-length film in 1968, a graphically gruesome zombie picture entitled Night of the Living Dead.Hardly making back its price on its initial release, the movie received some welcome, if adverse, promotion when Reader’s Digest devoted an article to it. The magazine was appalled at the scenes of cannibalism and similar dreads, going up to now as to insist a movement be started to have the picture prohibited. Naturally, this made the movie very popular than ever, a lot more so than if Reader’s Digest had simply dismissed it.
George Andrew Romero (/rmro/; born February 4, 1940) is an American-Canadian film director, film producer, screenwriter and editor, best known for his series of grotesque and satirical horror films about a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, starting with “Night of the Living Dead” (1968).

Shooting started in Toronto in September 2008 on Romero’s Survival of the Dead. The movie was initially reported to be a direct sequel to Diary of the Dead, but the movie features only Alan Van Sprang, who appeared briefly as a rogue National Guard officer, reprising his character in the last picture, and did not keep the first person camerawork of Diary of the Dead. The movie centered on two feuding families taking very different approaches in working with the living dead on a small coastal island. The movie premiered in the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. Romero made an appearance in the second downloadable map pack called “Escalation” for the gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops. He appears as himself in the zombies map “Call of the Dead” as a non-playable enemy character. He is portrayed as a powerful “leader” zombie armed with a movie studio light. In 2010 Romero was contacted by Claudio Argento to direct a 3D remake of the Dario Argento movie, Deep Red. Claudio was anticipated to write the screenplay and told Romero that his brother Dario would also be involved. Romero, who showed interest in the project, decided to contact his longtime buddy Dario only to learn that Dario was oblivious of remake and Romero ended up rejecting Claudio’s offer. Romero has stated that he has plans for two more Dead films which will be associated to Diary of the Dead and they’ll be made depending on how successful Survival of the Dead was. Romero yet said that his next job wouldn’t involve zombies and he is going for the panic factor, but offered no further details. In the year 2012, Romero returned to video games recording his voice for “Zombie Squash” as the lead villain, Dr. B. E. Vil. “Zombie Squash HD Free” game premiered by ACW Games for the iPad in November 2012. In 2014, Marvel Comics began releasing Empire of the Dead, a 15-issue miniseries written by Romero. The series, which can be broken up into three five-issues acts, features not only zombies but also vampires.

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