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Glenn Danzig Net Worth

How rich is Glenn Danzig?

Glenn Danzig Net Worth:
$6.5 Million

Birth date: June 23, 1955
Birth place: Lodi, New Jersey, United States
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)
Profession: Songwriter, Singer, Record producer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Author, Actor, Film Score Composer
Nationality: United States of America
Music groups: Danzig (Since 1987), Samhain (1983 – 1987)
Movies: The Prophecy II, Archive de la Morte, Il Demonio Nera
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Glenn Danzig wiki & biography:

Glenn Danzig is an American musician and singer songwriter with a net worth of $6.5 million. Glenn Danzig has earned his net worth through his abilities as a songwriter. Glenn also is whoever owns the Evilive Record Company as well as a publishing company for adult comic books called Verotik. Glenn Allen Anzalone was born in Lodi, New Jersey in June 1955. He began using drugs and alcohol at age 11 but ceased when he was 15. He went to the Tisch School of the Arts and also the New York Institute of Photography. He began an adult comic book business Verotik in the 90s. At 11 years old he was a roadie and played in local groups. He began the Misfits in the 70s. The band has released eight albums but originally disbanded in 1983. Danzig started a new band called Samhain in 1983. The group released six studio albums. Samhain changed its name to Danzig. Underneath the name Danzig they released nine studio albums. Glenn additionally released two studio albums, one in 1992 along with a second in 2006. He’s a minor role in Christopher Walken’s film The Prophecy II. He auditioned for the part of Wolverine in X Men but his schedule didn’t allow for this. He’s studied Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai. His music has written songs for Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash.
Produced in New Jersey, he’s earned his fame and fortune by performing as a musician and as a singer. Glenn is the possessor of the Evilive Company, and also possesses an mature publishing company that comes out with adult comic books called Verotik. Glenn’s wealth comes from these sources also.

Born to a protestant family, his dad was a United States Marine Corps (USMC). His mom worked at a little record store. Glenn was into music from a very young age.

Glenn performed for a lot of local groups including Boojang, Talus and Whodat. Danzig began his band in the 1970s. It was named ‘Misfits’. However it failed and so after, he created a new group titled ‘Samhain’ whose theme is greatly borrowed from Halloween. His main genres are deathrock, gothic, ancient and industrial doom, which might be compared to Mikael Akerfeldt.

Glenn has also appeared in minor roles in movies and TV shows. He portrayed the character of a fallen angel in the film “The Prophecy II”. He was also auditioned for the character of Wolverine in the hit film “X-Men” but rejected the offer because of the unavailability of dates in his program.

Danzig has been in the media because of his reason of certain Satanist ideologies. He is known for his ever increasing obsession with erotic, sexual, gothic and religious themes. He’s also planning to release an animated movie on his Satanika comic show.
Glenn Danzig (born Glenn Allen Anzalone; June 23, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Lodi, New Jersey. He’s a creator of bands the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. He possesses the Evilive record label along with Verotik, an adult-oriented comic book publishing company.

Danzig has additionally cited Bill Medley as a vocal influence. As an author, he is well known for his fascination with horror, gore, occult, sensual, and religious topics.

In the mid-1970s, Danzig began the Misfits, releasing the group’s records through his own label, (originally referred to as Clean, then later as Plan 9). Danzig had attempted to get the Misfits signed to many record labels, only to be told that he would never have a lifetime career in music. In October 1983, after releasing several singles and three albums, and obtaining a tiny underground following, Danzig disbanded the Misfits because of raising animosity among the group members and his discontent with their musical skills. Danzig described his decision: “It was challenging for me personally to work with those guys, because they were not prepared to place in the hours practicing. I liked to move things forward, and they didn’t seem to have the same perspective. So it absolutely was time for me to go forward.”

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