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Glenn Dubin Net Worth

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Glenn Dubin

Most of his net worth is produced from managing hedge funds and he’s the founder ofHighbridge Capital Management.

Of Jewish lineage, Glen Dubin was born onApril 13, 1957 inWashington Heights, Manhattan, nyc. He attendedStony Brook Universitywhere he finished his degree in economics. Since 1994, Glenn Dubin has been married toDr. The couple has three kids together.

In 2004,J.P. Morgan Asset Management purchased the majority of Highbridge’s interest and by 2009, all of the remaining shares were obtained by J.P. Morgan Asset Management. In October 2012, Glenn Dubin was reported to buyLouis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy (“LDH Energy”) together withPaul Tudor Jones as well as other investors. The business’s name will be changed toCastleton Commodities International, LLC.

After his graduation in 1978, he joinedE. F. Hutton & Co. Jointly with his pal Henry Swieca, three children Management with a startup capital of$35 million. This New York-based firm runs in offices located in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. Using its over 360 workers today, 100 of which are investment professionals.
Glenn Dubin (created April 13, 1957) is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Highbridge Capital Management, an alternative asset management business located in Nyc, as well as a founding board member of the Robin Hood Foundation.

Dubin began his career in finance as a retail stock broker at E. F. Hutton & Co. in 1978. He was joined in 1984 by childhood buddy Henry Swieca, and also the pair began Dubin & Swieca, an early “fund of funds” company that constructed multi-manager hedge fund portfolios guided by the rules of contemporary portfolio theory. In 1992 they started Highbridge Capital Management with $35 million in capital, naming the company after the 19th Century aqueduct that links Washington Heights with the Bronx. Highbridge Capital Management is an institutional alternative asset management business which, collectively with its affiliates, manages about $27 billion in capital. The firm is based in New York with offices in London and Hong Kong. In late 2004, J.P. Morgan Asset Management—a department of JPMorgan Chase—bought a majority interest in Highbridge. A handful of hedge fund creators have successfully transitioned ownership of the business to employees, although some have opted to sell the management company or part of it to a bigger financial institution. This strategy has generated mixed results. JP Morgan’s acquisition of Highbridge Capital Management, with cofounder Glenn Dubin staying in the helm as CEO, is normally viewed an example of a model sequence. Following the Highbridge/J.P. Morgan partnership, Highbridge announced in October 2010 the purchase of a majority interest in Gvea Investimentos, a top alternative asset management firm in Brazil.

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