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Gregg Michael Gillis Net Worth

Gregg Michael Gillis, commonly known as Girl Talk, has mixed his strategy to an estimated net worth of $2 million. Trying distinct music genres has brought in the artist his creditable net worth. Gillis’ amazing music experiment began when he was a pupil at high school. By the time he was in university, the Girl Talk job was well on its way — plus a few music collaborations under his belt. Graduated with biomedical engineering, Gillis worked as an engineer to get a number of years, before pursuing his music endeavor. During his years as an engineer, Gillis was signed to Illegal Art , and it has released three records with the label.

His debut album, Secret Diary, was released in 2002 which received a fair reception. Gillis went to release four records: Unstoppable (2004), Night Ripper (2006), Feed the Animals (2008) and All Day (2010). All albums, released on Illegal Art website, were well-received by critics and devotees.

Gillis’ hallmark is creating mush-up tracks, using other artists’ tunes to produce his own masterpiece. Particularly with Feed the Animals, Gillis was commended for the initiation of the music style and rehabilitating disposable pop music. However the New York Times magazine seemed to have another view, describing his creation as ‘a suit waiting to happen’.

Regardless of the critique from The New York Times magazine, Gillis received Wired magazine’s Rave Award in 2007. Time magazine ranked Feed the Animals at number four on their top ten albums of 2008 list. Feed the Animals was additionally rated 24 to the Rolling Stone’s top 50 albums of 2008. So what’s with the name, ‘Girl Talk’? Gillis’ response was: “Just stir things up a little inside the small scene I was running from. Gillis came from a more experimental foundation and there were some quite overly serious, borderline academic sort electronic musicians. I wished to choose a name that they would be embarrassed to play with. Girl Talk sounded exactly the opposite of a guy playing a notebook — so that’s what I chose.”
Gregg Michael Gillis, often called Girl Talk on stage, is a musician specializing in Sampling and Mashup which can be a kind of music where artists create songs by combining prerecorded tunes and re using sound recording.

Regardless of the very fact he had pursued a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering at his college level, he left this vocation and got his life in fully music.

He’s a number of albums which he’s composed through Mashup and Sampling style most of which have fared well in the market as evidenced by the album titled “Feed the Animals”. Other notable records to his name include All Day, Night Ripper, Secret Diary and Unstoppable.

Gregg Michael Gillis in addition has made several appearances in the movies like in the movie “Good Copy Bad Copy” and “RiP! Remix Manifesto” but music remains a key feature in his net worth value.

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