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Henry Winkler Net Worth

Henry Winkler Net Worth 20 Million

Henry Winkler Net Worth

American performer, director, producer and writer Henry Winkler’s estimated net worth are about $35 Million. It is likely he has rolled up his net worth through his part in 1970s American sitcom Happy Days as Fonzie. Despite that his cash may also come from his other job as the stage performer.

It was understood that Henry Winkler also appeared in Broadway and theatre which is helping him to bring in some cash too. And today since he said that he’s becoming older, Henry Winkler spent his time behind the scene as the producer.

Henry Winkler may say he is becoming older. But he’s still had the opportunity to bring in cash because now he was playing at American comedy television series’ Childrens Hospital.

Henry Franklin Winkler was born in Manhattan, Ny, U.S. on October 30, 1945. In 1973, Henry Winkler was chosen to impersonate “The Fonz” or “Fonzie” in the 1970s television series Happy Day.

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