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James Cameron Net Worth

How rich is James Cameron?

James Cameron Net Worth:
$700 Million

Birth date: August 16, 1954
Birth place: Kapuskasing, Canada
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
Profession: Film director, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Inventor, Actor, Film Editor, Explorer, Environmentalist, Television producer
Nationality: Canada
Spouse: Suzy Amis (m. 2000), Linda Hamilton (m. 1997–1999)
Children: Josephine Archer Cameron, Quinn Cameron, Claire Cameron, Elizabeth Rose Cameron
Movies: , Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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James Cameron wiki & biography:

James Francis Cameron (born August 16, 1954) is a Canadian film director, film producer, deep sea explorer, screenwriter, and editor who has directed the two biggest box office movies of all time. He first found success with all the science-fiction hit “The Terminator” (1984). Then he became a popular Hollywood director and was hired to write and direct “Aliens” (1986); three years after he followed up with “The Abyss” (1989).

He found farther critical acclaim because of his usage of special effects in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991). After his film “True Lies” (1994) Cameron took on his largest picture at the time, “Titanic” (1997), which earned him Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Film Editing. After “Titanic”, Cameron started a project that took almost 10 years to make: his science-fiction epic “Avatar” (2009), which is why he received nominations for the same three Academy Awards. In the time between making “Titanic” and “Avatar”, Cameron spent several years creating many documentary films (specifically underwater documentaries) and co-developed the digital 3D Fusion Camera System. Described by means of a biographer as part-scientist and part-artist, Cameron has also contributed to underwater filming and distant vehicle technologies. On March 26, 2012, Cameron reached the base of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, in the “Deepsea Challenger” submersible. He is the first person to try this in a solo descent, and is only the third person to do so ever.

He has been nominated for six Academy Awards overall and won three for “Titanic”. In total, Cameron’s directorial efforts have grossed approximately US$2billion in North America As Well As US$6billion worldwide. Not corrected for inflation, Cameron’s “Titanic” and “Avatar” are the two highest-grossing films of all time at $2.19billion and $2.78billion respectively. In March 2011, he was named Hollywood’s top earner by “Vanity Fair”, with estimated 2010 gains of $257 million. $650 Million!

Cameron’s father was an engineer and Cameron himself majored in physics. Cameron was rated #3 on Entertainment Weekly’s Brightest 50 People in Hollywood in 2007, and has consulted for NASA. He is a Vegan and is really the only real individual on earth that is to the backside of the Marian Trench — the deepest spot in the ocean 6.8 miles beneath the sea. The deep(est) sea excursion took place in a one man craft, The Deepsea Challenger (DCV-1), and rumors are that he plans on filming part of Avatar sequelusing similar deep sea craft.

He became extremely thinking about pictures and show business, but was actually driving a truck to make ends meet. Cameron had ideas for the types of film’s he wanted to make — films inspired with A Space Odyssey: 2001, but was reluctant and did not know the best places to start. Cameron described that seeingStar Wars was the kick in the butt he desired because it showed the kind of movies he wanted to make were successful and moreover, that someone was beating him to it. He immediately leave his job and moved to Hollywood with four buddies. 2 years after Cameron described that he got his big break working as a second unit director onGalaxy of Dread in 1981 when producers happened to see that he made maggots in an dis-membered arm writhe on signal when he said ‘action’ and discontinue when he said ‘cut’ due to an electrical stimulation he’d workers rig up. Producers quickly took notice of the brand new talent and began asking for hints and suggestions with other pictures. By 1984 he had composed and directed the uber-successful filmTheTerminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cameron maintained it was his frist time not only directing, but directing a significant star, which forced him to learn how to get things done quickly. One article described that in his home he’d three desks set up where he was simultaneously was composing three distinct scripts and keeping the work process for each separate.

For TitanicCameron was paid $600,000 for the screen play plus a salary of $8 million to direct but all told made about $115,000,000 on the endeavor from backend profit sharing. ForAvatarCameron was paid a whopping $350 million dollars. 350 million from one film! That’s astounding! That could be the single highest payday from one picture anyone in Hollywood has ever reached. Cameron is also known to spend a lot of money to be able to get the correct effect and right shots for his pictures. ForAvatar it is said he had a fleet of subs constructed to get right submerged shots. Cameron stated he isn’t a perfectionist but a rightist — doing whatever was needed to get the chance right. Together with his wealth Cameron bought an 8,272 square foot home in Malibu with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The jewel of his real estate portfolio demanding is likely his 100 acre ranch in Santa Barbara where, as a vegan after watchingForks over Knives, he grows his own food. Cameron also is said to possess a JetRanger helicopter, a set of dirt bikes, a yacht, along with a Humvee fire truck.

In 1997 after establishing himself as one of the most bankable writer/director’s in Hollywood Cameron wrote and directed the mega blockbusterTitanicwhich in the time was the highest grossing film ever. The success won 11 academy awards and was nominated for 14 oscars. More importantly it had been the highest grossest picture ever at $2.18 billion all time world-wide gross sales. Titanicstayed on top for 12 years until it had been topped byAvatarin 2009 — another film written and directed by, you guessed it, James Cameron. Worldwide gross sales of Avatar are $2.78 billion. Cameron establish the record subsequently broke his own record and today strongly holds the #1 and #2 spots about the best grossing films of all time revealing unrivaled ability and uniformity. However, he’s the only real man to have ever made a movie that grossed over $2 billion world-wide — a feat no one else has ever reached which Cameron didn’t once but twice.

The coolest guidance Cameron has given to aspiring young directors? In the event you need to be a manager, begin directing. Pick up a camera and point it at things. Bravo Mr. Cameron.

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