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Jeff Conaway Net Worth

How rich is Jeff Conaway?

Jeff Conaway Net Worth:
$750 Thousand

Birth date: October 5, 1950, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
Death date: May 27, 2011, Encino, California, United States
Birth place: Manhattan
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
Profession: Actor, Model, Singer, Teacher
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Keri Young (m. 1990–2000), Rona Newton-John (m. 1980–1985)
Parents: Helen Conaway, Charles F. Conaway
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Jeff Conaway wiki & biography:

Grease: the Ultimate Convenience!
The late actor Jeff Conaway had an estimated net worth of approximately $750,000 when he passed away in May of 2011. Much from the largest net worth in Hollywood, it’s also way from the tiniest. His big screen debut arrived in 1971 in the film Jennifer on my Mind. Conaway eventually inherited the lead role from Bostwick when he left the production. It was on Grease that Conaway first worked with friend John Travolta, and they would later appear in the film version of Grease. In 1975, Conaway made his move into show television using a character on Happy Days. This finally led to what would be come his signature character, struggling actor Bobby Wheeler around the situation comedy Taxi. Conaway left the show after its 3rd season due to issues with drug abuse and creative issues. Conaway continued to work in film and TV until his addiction issues caused him to be a portion of the TV show Celebrity Rehab. In May, 2011, he perished in a substance-associated fit of pneumonia.
American performer,Jeffrey Charles William Michael Conaway has an estimated net worth of $750 thousand.

Though Jeff Conaway attained TV popularity by playing an actor who could not find work, he had in fact been a busy professional since childhood. Also in 1978, he started a three-year run in the TV sitcom Taxi, in the role of Bobby Wheeler, an very luckless aspiring actor who made ends meet by driving a hack. Conaway has since delved to the realm of “fantastic television,” appearing as Prince Erick Greystone in Wizards and Warriors (1983) and (occasionally) as Zack Allen on Babylon 5 (1992). Active in the direct-to-video market, Jeff Conaway both directed and acted in Bikini Summer 2 (1992).

Jeff Conaway was born in Manhattan, New York City, and raised in the Astoria, Flushing, and Forest Hills neighborhoods of the borough Queens
Conaway was likewise featured in the first and second season of the reality television series, “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”. In May 2011 after spending just over two weeks in the hospital, Conaway expired at the age of 60 due to complications associated with pneumonia as well as the degenerative brain condition known as encephalopathy.

He played the part for 2 1/2 years while his pal John Travolta, with whom he shared a supervisor, after joined the show, playing Doody in the chorus. After breaking into series television in 1975 with Happy Days, followed by other sitcom and drama appearances and three more films including Grease, Conaway was cast as vain and struggling, but goodhearted and handsome, aspiring actor Bobby Wheeler in the workplace comedy Taxi, which premiered in autumn 1978. He had appeared in an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show for exactly the same producers, and, he explained in 1987, was originally considered for the character of John Burns, which eventually went to Randall Carver. Conaway left Taxi following the third season. Taxi writer Sam Simon remembered in 2008 that during production of Simon’s first script for that show, a lost Conaway was found in his dressing room overly high on drugs to perform, which his dialogue for that episode was divided between his co stars Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd who presented the jokes well enough to ensure Conaway’s deficiency had little negative effect on the actual episode. This caused the show’s producers to understand that he was expendable and led to Conaway’s eventual dismissal. Conaway was reported at that time to be dissatisfied with being typecast as a “blonde bimbo” as well as the “target of struggling-actor jokes”, as well as discovering the nature of the role persistent. He also felt creatively stymied.

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