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Jerry Jones Net Worth

How rich is Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones Net Worth:
$4.2 Billion

Birth date: October 13, 1942
Birth place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession: American football player, Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Actor
Education: University of Arkansas
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Eugenia Jones (m. 1963)
Children: Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones, Jr., Charlotte Jones
Parents: Arminta Jones
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Jerry Jones wiki & biography:

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry is the proud owner of National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys and an American businessman.


Born on October 13, 1942 to JW Pat Jones and Arminta Jones as Jerral Wayne Jones in La, California but popularly referred to as Jerry Jones, he was always interested in football. When he was small his family moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas where he did his high school at North Little Rock High School. During his school days at University of Arkansas he additionally became a co-captain of the 1964 National Championship football team. During this period he previously seen endless possibility in the company of professional football. He was also a part of Kappa Sigma fraternity.

He played as an offensive lineman in Southwest Conference for trainer Frank Broyles. Some of his notable teammates wereJimmy Johnson, Glen Ray Hines, Ken Hatfield,Jim Lindsey, and Loyd Phillips. He is also one of those few NFL owners who can also be a successful player.

He even completed his Masters degree in business in 1970.


Recently, Jones struck a massive deal of $ 500 million with AT&T for his stadium which has a capacity of 100,000. His sports franchise and also his cash machine is worth $ 2.3 billion. He’d purchased Cowboys in 1989 for $ 140 million. But, before purchasing the ultimate cash machine of his life, he had made his fortune in the 1970s with his ‘Jones Oil and Land Lease’, an incredibly successful oil and gas exploration company in Arkansas.

It’s shocking to know but the fact is Jerry Jones is worth around 41397 times more than that of a median US household!

Once he purchased Cowboys, he immediately fired the long term trainer of Cowboys Tom Landry and took in his school pal Jimmy Johnson. Subsequently, shortly in 1990s the Cowboys won three Super Bowls. Based on a recent study, the Cowboys are expected to receive around $ 200 million per year simply from TV rights. The Cowboys have signed deals with NFC, FOX, CBS, ESPN and DirecTV by 2014.The team will even receive $ 80 million each year in annual sponsorship revenue for his or her stadium from companies like Ford Motor, Bank of America and PepsiCo. The cowboys also provide their own merchandise which makes them an estimated sum of $ 80 million annually and that is not it to jones! Fox receives money from stadium advertising, tickets and more! Isnt that enough for a cash manufacturing company to mint $ 500 millions annually?


Jones has ever been popular in the media and has appeared in numerous TV Series and also advertisements. Jones appeared as himself in a popular TV show TRAINER in the year 1996. In 1998, the character Baxter Cain (owner of the Dallas Felons) in the movie BASEketball was inspired by non other than Jerry Jones. He even made a cameo role by appearing as himself in the film Dallas: War of the Ewings in exactly the same year.

Jones also has appeared as himself in the seventh season of Entourage aired in HBO in 2010 and even for an episode titled Truth and Consequences for TNT. Jones has also been starred in a series of commercials for the 2012 season of ESPN’s Monday Night Football and in the season 4 premiere of The League.

Himself has appeared in 2013 Pepsi Advertisement. Most recently Jones has acted in a advertisement for Papa John’s.


In 2008, Jones was fined a sizable sum of $ 25,000 by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the violation of criticizing referee Ed Hochuli about his general operation.

In 2009, Jones was again fined for violating a gag order on labor issues.


Jones raised around $ 1.6 billion for the charity through his Cowboys’ exceptional Thanksgiving halftime show over the previous 15 years.


Jerry Jones and Gene Jones and additionally blessed with Nine grandchildren.

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