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Jerry Seinfield Net Worth

Jerry Seinfield Net Worth

Jerry Seinfield is famed for his semi-fictional version of himself in the astounding sitcom Seinfield which ran on the television till 1998. He co-composed it with Larry David. Seinfield is known for his wit and comedy. His real name is Jerome Allen “Jerry” Seinfield.

All of his work shows observational comedy. Seinfield is sharp and quite perceptive. Seinfield is frequently known to focus on personal relationships and difficult social duties. Seinfield tries to find wit in every aspect of life. This is the easy way to do it anyway!

In 2005, Comedy Central ranked Seinfield 12th out of 100 as the greatest comic of them all. His credibility has stood the test of time.

He was also awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Musical or Comedy Series in 1994 for Seinfield. The list of his achievements is never ending. Jerry Seinfield is successful in marking a mark for himself in this competitive field , and it has worked hard for it.

After the well-known Seinfield finished, Seinfield returned to comedy instead of continuing his acting career. In 1998, he went on tour and recorded a comedy special, entitled I’m Telling You for the Last Time. Seinfield has written several novels, mostly archives of previous routines.

On May 13, 2006, Seinfield had a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live as host Julia Louis- Dreyfus’ assassin.

Other than this, he’s added his voice for the character of Barry, in the film Bee Movie, in 2008.

In 2012, Seinfield began a web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, by which he would pick up a fellow comic in a different car each episode and take them out for coffee and conversation. Seinfield was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for the series.

Seinfield grew up in Massapequa, New York and he’s even spent a short frame of time in offering in Kibbutz Sa’ar, Israel. Seinfield graduated with a degree in communications and theater.

After getting married, the couple bought Billy Joel’s house for $32 Million. Now, they have one daughter and two sons. All of the children were born in Ny itself. Seinfield is best buds with fellow comedians Wallace, Mario Joyner and Larry Miller.

Seinfield can be known to have made several political contributions where he’s helped in various presidential campaigns.

It is no surprise that this famed star has a quite high net worth. What is indeed a surprise is that according to Forbes magazine, the yearly earning from Seinfield in 2004 was $267 million. Several of the ads that he is a part of, form a good part of his yearly salary. He earned $10 million for appearing with Bill Gates in Microsoft’s 2008 ads alone!

Seinfield is a down to earth comic. There many some who openly say they are influenced by Seinfield himself. They are Judd Apatow and Kevin Hart.

Seinfield is fond of accumulating automobiles. He’s a large Porsche Collection. On counting, one finds he has a total of 46 Porsches. These Porsches are of different versions and colours. Porsches has 10 Porsche Boxsters which are painted in different colours.

Early January of 2008 marked a lawsuit against Jerry and his wife Jessica. The couple was sued by Missy Chase Lapine, writer of The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Concealing Healthy Food in Your Children’ Favorite Meal, for plagiarism, copy right infringement, and trademark infringement due to Jessica Seinfeld’s 2007 launch of Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Getting your children to Eat Great Food.

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– “Being a great husband is like really being a great stand-up comic- you need ten years before you are able to even call yourself a beginner.”

– “There is no such thing as fun for all the family.”

– “I feel it is amusing to be delicate with issues that are explosive”.

But this is my business; I loathe to humiliate myself”.

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