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Jim Rogers Net Worth

How rich is Jim Rogers?

Jim Rogers Net Worth:
$300 Million

Birth date: October 19, 1942
Birth place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Profession: Investor, Author
Education: Balliol College, University of Oxford, Yale University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Paige Parker (m. 2000)
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Jim Rogers wiki & biography:

Jim Rogers Net Worth $300 Million

Certainly one of the very most powerful writers and authors of time Jim Rogers net worth has an estimate of 300 million dollars. Besides his livelihood as an author, Jim Rogers can be an incredibly successful businessman and investor. He started to be involved into entertainment industry in 1964. The star came to be in Maryland in 1942 and moved to reside to Singapore.

It brings millions of dollars to the total sum of Jim Rogers net worth. In addition to his own firm, Jim Rogers jointly with George Soros established “The Quantum Fund” which was treated as the very first international fund and he is also called a person who started “The Rogers International Commodities Index”.

Additionally, the star is complete force for the free market idea but he refuses to be attributed to any of school of thought. But when talking about his perspectives on specific issues, there is a propensity to credit him to the Austrian School of economics and the author himself agrees with that. When himself was a young child, Jim Rogers used to sell peanuts and this really is how he started his first business. Additionally, he used to decide empty bottles that were left in the stadium after baseball games. In 1964 Jim Rogers finished the Yale University where he studied history.

After his graduation, he got employment in the business “Dominick & Dominick” based in the Wall Street. This job was a start of the Jim Rogers net worth. In 1980, Jim Rogers made a decision to quit his career as a businessman and investor and traveled the world with his motorbike.

The retired businessman traveled in all six continents which included 160 thousand kilometers and his journey was also contained in the Guinness Book of World Records. Although he retired from business, Jim Rogers net worth is still among the highest amongst all of the people who take part in the business industry.

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