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John Mcafee Net Worth

John Mcafee Net Worth

It’s been reported that John McAfee net worth reaches 4 million dollars. He’s rolled up his net worth through mostly being a CEO of antivirus software company named after him, McAfee. Among the best things about John McAfee net worth is that at one point it reached 100 million dollars. But when he invested a lot during the worldwide downturn of 2008, his net worth fell till 4 million dollars.

In 1987, John McAfee began his business venture, when he determined to produce a software company. Therefore, this approach made John McAfee’s business to get a standing of the most used software on the planet.

Sold all his high-priced assets, John McAfee moves to live to Belize, where it’s understood that dwelling and expenses aren’t so much high. Nevertheless, his troubles there didn’t cease.

But some time after John McAfee determined to sell his position of the firm for 100 million dollars, which really proved to be unsuccessful and lowered John McAfee net worth a lot. Due to his most unsuccessful investments, including his investment to the Lehman Brothers’ bonds, he was compelled to place his real estate on sale and other high-priced assets, at the same time. Additionally, he had to sell some of his assets for truly a reduced cost than it was truly worth.

Therefore, along with his financial problems, which lowered John McAfee net worth by a mile, he was additionally charged with killing a guy. Additionally, John McAfee was charged because of using drugs and additionally holding a weapon illegally. Afterwards, the police said that in fact John McAfee had not been charged but just imagined.

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