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John Schnatter Net Worth

How rich is John Schnatter?

John Schnatter Net Worth:
$600 Million

Birth date: November 23, 1961
Birth place: Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States
Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Spokesperson
Education: Ball State University, Jeffersonville High School
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Annette Schnatter (m. 1987)
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John Schnatter wiki & biography:

The distinguished American company, John Schnatter is best known to the entire world as the creator and CEO of ‘Papa John’s International, Inc.’. This successful business style was born on 23rd November, 1961 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In 1979, he finished his high school instruction from ‘Jeffersonville High School’. Afterwards he joined ‘Ball State University’ from where he received a business degree in 1983. His dad, Mick was also a businessman who owns a pub in Jeffersonville. John started his business career with selling Camaro Z28 to purchase pizza gear which worth for $1600. His pizza became so popular such that he expanded his business in his own space. John helped his dad establish his daddy’s fighting company. In 26th August, 2009 he purchased his purchased auto, the Chevrolet Camaro back with paying the sum of $250,000. John’s dad offered free pizza to any or all the Camora owners in a celebration of getting Camaro back. John founded the company ‘Papa John’s International, Inc.’ in October 1984. He is presently working as CEO of the firm. Along with this, he also held duty as spokesperson for the company.

John’s successful business made him the among the recognizable business dispositions of the world. His institution’s name ‘Papa John’s’ has given naming rights to ‘Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium’ which is employed by University of Louisvelle’s football team. Schnatter has given $5 million and some added gift to enlarge the stadium and extend naming rights to 2040. John was inducted into ‘Junior Achievement U.S. Company Hall of Fame’ in the year 2007. He’s obtained both recognition and rewards from his career. As of 2014, he’s collected overall net worth amount of $600 million.
John H. Schnatter (born November 23, 1961), is an American businessman and the founder and present CEO of Papa John’s International, Inc. He founded the company in October 1984. He’s also the spokesman for Papa John’s.

In 1984, John Schnatter’s father co-owned Mick’s Lounge, a tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana. John sold his 1972 Camaro Z28, purchased used pizza equipment for $1,600, and removed a broom closet in the rear of the business from which he sold pizzas. The pizzas were so popular that Schnatter could go into his own space next door the next year. Schnatter made a further contribution for the stadium’s growth, and expanded the naming rights to the year 2040. Schnatter made a million-dollar contribution to the Louisville Zoo’s Glacier Jog expansion. His Calistoga Bakery sponsors a bike team and contributed money to construct bike trails. In 1983, Schnatter sold his 1971 Chevrolet Camaro to aid his father’s fighting company. He used the left over funds to begin Papa John’s. Decades later, he offered a compensation of $250,000 for locating the car, and on August 26, 2009, Schnatter bought the Camaro back for $250,000. In celebration, Papa John’s offered a free pizza to anybody who possessed a Camaro. The actual Camaro is on display in the company’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The business possesses several replicas which can be used on tours as well as for public and TV appearances. Papa John’s and Schnatter have been issues of significant discussion after he made comments concerning the Affordable Care Act into a class on entrepreneurship. Schnatter had hosted a fundraiser at his house for Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney in May 2012. Schnatter was amongst other affluent contributors on a 2014 list of individuals affiliated with the Koch brothers and the political fundraising organizations, as reported by Mother Jones.
You see him in nearly every commercial for Papa John’s Pizza, reciting the infamous tagline: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa…

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