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Joy Mangano Net Worth

The Lost Secret of Joy Mangano

Celebrated entrepreneur and inventor Joy Mangano comes with an estimated net worth of $50 million in 2012.

Mangano is best recognized for being the inventor ofHuggable Hangers and Miracle Mop. Now seeming on HSN, Joy Mangano also serves as the president of Imaginative Designs, LLC.

For her impressive and extremely practical creations, Joy Mangano now holds more than 100 patents. Her discouragement to ordinary mops led her to create Miracle Mop, some sort of mop with a head made of 300 feet cotton that are looped continuously. The good thing about this mop is that it is wrung without getting your hands wet. Later on, she could sell 1000 units to QVC through consignment. The sales were great at first when QVC allowed Mangano to show laterair to market the merchandise, she could sell 18,000 units in just 20 minutes. A decade later, herself has been selling $10 million worth of Miracle Mop’s yearly.

These things include Huggable Hangers, Forever Aromatic, Clothes It All Luggage System, and Shade Readers.
Joy Mangano is an American inventor and entrepreneur known for creations like the self-wringing Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers. She’s the President of Ingenious Designs, LLC, and appears frequently on HSN.

Shortly after she began appearing on QVC in 1992, Mangano began spending 120 hours a year on air. She now appears often on HSN, and is considered to be HSN’s most successful purveyor, with annual income of more than $150 million. Her hourly sales often top $1 million. Mangano has additionally appeared in shorter advertisements and infomercials for her business’s products. Of selling on TV, she has said, “You possess the unique chance to stand before huge numbers of people to share your product, but it requires a certain sort of sales pitch. Once I got the chance to demo the product myself, they wanted it.” Mangano considers HSN to be a perfect stage for selling her creations because it enables her to walk customers through the qualities and advantages An executive at HSN has written, “HSN enthusiasts, the media, and audiences alike can not get enough of Joy. [She] shares the passion, delight and pride of every detail along with her audience.”

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