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Juanita Jordan Net Worth

Juniata – an Introduction

Juanita Jordan is a former model who was born in Chicago. Her net worth currently stands at an impressive $170 Million.

She is also known as Juanita Vanoy. She has worked as a model so when a secretary for the American Bar Association for several years. In 1984, she started dating the basketball player Michael Jordan and got engaged in 1987. It had been reported that the couple first met in a restaurant. However they broke off the engagement following several days, but eventually wed in 1989.

The couple has 3 children — two daughters plus a son. The marriage however didn’t survive. They filed for divorce in 2002, after staying together for 17 years. Both Juanita and Michael even after the divorce tried their best to accommodate. Nevertheless the couple decided to separate their ways amicably in 2006. As a consequence of the divorce, Juniata had received a whopping $168 Million included in the divorce resolution. It was among the largest star divorce settlement of that time.

Juanita has also attempted her hands in the real estate business. Juniata continues to be recognized to avert the press and is certainly one of the very down-to-earth individuals. She has never allowed all the money to visit her head.

Juniata was in the headline again when Juanita’s daughter began going to school and her ex husband got employed for the second time.
Juanita Jordan is a sizzling former American model produced on June 13, 1959. Creating herself in the entire world of modeling, her status was additionally boomed by her marriage to renowned and successful American basketball player Michael Jordan.Produced in Chicago, United States, sensational American beauty Juanita Jordan is also called Juanita Vanoy. Her career as a model was quiet successful advertisement she also served as a secretary for a long time. Her name made headlines after her marriage to Michael Jordan, but she was quiet comprehended before for her superb gifted modeling ability and hot, sizzling figure

Holding a net worth of $170 million, she stands as among the richest celebrities of the entire world. Her net worth was lifted to the great height after her divorce to famed basketball player Michael Jordan. The amount she received from her unsuccessful union makes it one of the high costing divorces in the annals. Serving the field of modeling in her earlier days Juanita Jordan is a former model and former executive secretary for the American Bar Association. She served as a co founder and chairperson of the Michael and Juanita Endowment Fund. She holds fiddled in the world of real state also.

Her career in the field of modeling was quiet praise worthy but the economic value she holds today all comes from her unsuccessful union with Michael Jordan.

Juanita is Michael’s first wife and their 17 year connection came to an gloomy ending when Juanita proposed a divorce in 2002.

Juanita Jordan now worth in millions and its particular credit would go to her marriage with Michael Jordan rather than her employees profession. But she is overly a well-established and accepted figure in the world of style as she served for extended years as model.

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