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Kimora Lee Net Worth

Kimora Lee Net Worth 50 Million

Net Worth: $50 Million


Kimora Lee was born on 4th May 1975. She is an American fashion model. In year 2011 the creative was even hired as a president for JustFab. Baby is the brand ambassador for many products. Baby is even regarded as the fashion icon. Folks use to follow her fads. Besides being an entrepreneur and a fashion model she is an outstanding writer also. The Fashion has written many books and her books have even gained a lot of appreciation.

Early life

Joanne Perkins is the mom of Kimora Lee. Joanne Perkins is a Korean woman. Vernon Whitlock is the father of Kimora. He was a really successful man and managed many places like National Marshal, a bail bondsman, an equal employment opportunity commission investigator.


Kimora is a very creative woman. She has written a self help book named Fabulosity what it’s and ways to get it. Harper-Entertainment released this novel. In year 2006 this novel got published. The novel is supposed to be a lifestyle guide that is founded on spirituality and fashion. There are five perfumes which are established by Kimora. The perfumes are simply outstanding and are especially launched for women. Kimora named the perfumes as Alluring Goddess, Gold Goddess, Goddess, Love me and Baby Phat Fabulosity. Just 14 years is also a philanthropist. She’s instigated a popular scholarship fund scheme named Kimora Lee Simmons scholarship at high school.


Kimora started with her career in modelling when she was just 14 years old. At age 14 she was given a modelling contract by the Chanel. She worked under the guidance of Chanel designer named Karl Lagerfeld. In year 1989 she performed in the Haute Couture show belonged to Karl Lagerfeld. She got a great admiration and recognition by means of this show. Along with her husband named Russell Simmons she created Baby Phat and became the creative executive of the corporation. The firm reached great heights with the attempts of Kimora and her husband. Besides all this acting is also a part of her career. She has done small parts in movies and television shows.

Personal life

She is a really popular model. She is quite appealing also. She has exquisite black colour hair. Kimora’s brownish coloured eyes further enriches her beauty. She met Russell in a fashion week which was held in New York City in November 1992. She was just 17 when she met her and Russell was 35 at the same time. But sadly this relationship did not function nicely and they got separated. Kimora filed for a divorce in March 2008. They finally got divorced in year 2009. After their divorce Simmons dated a well-known actor named Djimon Hounsou. Even after the divorce of Kimora and Russell, they’ve been working together in Baby Phat.


Kimora is a fairly well recognized model. Her net worth cash is supposed to be around $50 million. She makes around $1 million every year. She leads rather a luxurious and lavish life. She got married to Russell Simmons who is also a really rich personality. They possess a hosue which is named as Saddle River home. The house is rather large and lavish. It covers around 49,ooo square feet of place. The house is located in New Jersey. It even has a pool which further enhances the beauty of the house. Russell can also be a really rich personality. Russell is quite fond of cars and brands. He has mini cooper car that is rather expensive and lavish. This is a sports car. Also he is really special about the brands he wears. Russell wears brnads like Phat, Adidas, Argyleculture and NY. Kimora has one more lovely house. The house is rather enormous and is named as Beverly Hill estate. The inside of the house is remarkable with a modernised kitchen and mesmerising cabinet. The garden space of your home is also rather big and delightful. The house also has exceptional things like and outside fire place and a pool. It’s a master suit which has a sitting space within it. Her husband Russell Simmons additionally owns a penthouse in Ny. The estimated price of the pent house is supposed to be $11 million.

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