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Kurupt Net Worth

How rich is Kurupt?

Kurupt Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Birth date: November 23, 1972
Birth place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Profession: Actor, Singer, Rapper, Businessperson
Nationality: United States of America
Partner: Gail Gotti
Spouse: Natina Reed (m. 2001–2003)
Siblings: Roscoe
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Kurupt Net Worth 500 Thousand


Ricardo Emmanuel Brown aka Kuruptis a famous rapper from America. He is a formr vice president of the Death Row records. He was a member of the rap group, The Dogg Pound. He is additionally a member of The HRMSN. He resided there with his mother and sisters. Kurupt acquired an interest in rapping during his mid teens. He moved to California at age 16 to reside with his dad.

He appeared on Dr. Dre’s legendary album ‘The Chronic’. He also appeared on Snoop’s debut album, Doggystyle. He formed the group, Dogg Pound, with Daz. They featured on many songs by the Death Row. Their first album, Dogg food, was massively successful and was critically acclaimed. Suge Knight demanded every rapper from the death row to Diss East coast rappers from the Bad Boy Inc. Kurupt made a tune named ‘New York New York’ featuring Snoop Dogg. Kurupt acquired a powerful friendship with Tupac Shakur and the Outlawz. After Tupac Shakur’s murder, Kurupt decided to leave Death Row records. In 1997, he released his solo album, Kuruption. The album received favorable reviews from the critics and was a success. The album had two sides: West coast side and East coast side. In 1999, Kurupt released his second album, The streetz is a Mutha. It received great reviews from the critics. The album featured Daz and Dr. Dre on many tracks. Daz and Kurupt then released an album named- Dillinger & Young Gotti. It received really awful reviews from the critics. Kurupt afterwards released an album named Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey.It received better reviews and did a great company. Kurupt joined the Death Row inc. as a vice president. This ruined his connections with Daz. The Duo dissed each other in various interviews and Songs. Daz and Kurupt reunited after Kurupt left Death Row Inc. It received largely favorable reviews from the critics. The Dogg Pund then released 100 wayz. It did a average company. Dogg Pound is allset release its new album, Alumni. Many rap artists have regarded Kurupt as a great rapper. Kendrick Lamar comprised him in list of Top Ten Rappers of all time. Eminem paid tribute to Kurupt in the tune ‘Till I collapse’ from the celebrated album ‘The Eminem Show’. Kurupt has starred in many movies for example- Murder was the case, Straight from the streets, Keepin’ It Real , The wash, Fastlane, Tupac: resurrection, A day in the life and The Penthouse. He’s been a vital part of the west coast Hip Hop arena in 1993. The Dogg Pund continues to be regarded by many as a legendary Hip Hop duo. Kurupt is undoubtedly among the dopest rappers in the game.

Dogg Pound.

Much of his gains came from his music enterprises and filmography. His debut album, Dogg food, was a multi-platinum CD. It sold more than 2 Million records. Also, he’s released many successful Solo Albums. Kurupt’s garnered this treasure as an outcome of his music skills.

“That was the first one. You know, really that was the remix to “G Thang.” Dr. Dre revealed me that we could make two records off of one record. It was the “G Thang” remix, right?”

” Dr. took particular pieces of music off of it and only kept the bass line, a key part and he kept the drums from the “G Thang” remix. And then after he took of that other music, he kept those parts and said we will make a whole new record and he made a whole new record. Yep.

“That is another record which I went insane. My chief thing on “Puffin’ On Blunts,” though, is that I wanted to be known as among the best MCs on the planet and I wanted to impress Dr. Dre. That was the inspiration behind “Puffin’ Blunt.” Definitely! Totally! You know what I’m saying? That is essentially what it was. I simply needed to destroy it. I always desired to impress Dr. Dre and merely express my skills.”

“It was not even going after New York. It was not a diss record. It actually was not. “New York, New York” was a record that we made in commitment to Nyc. We actually felt that New York created hiphop. New York created battle rap and the whole ball of wax so what I did was a battle rap with this beat DJ Pooh did.”

“That beat originally, DJ Pooh made it for Biggie Smalls for a St. Ides commercial. DJ made the beat and actually I decided the beat and I was like, “Man, I appreciate that beat. DJ want that.” Afterward he did a St. Ides commercial with Biggie Smalls and I heard it on the radio.”

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